Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Lucky Little Leprechaun

A Lucky Little Leprechaun got away from Joseph's Leprechaun trap last night, but since he did actually catch him, the Leprechaun left him some of his gold. This was very fortunate, because otherwise Joseph wouldn't have had any breakfast- Green pancakes and Green milk are just way outside of his limits. That mischievous little Leprechaun!
Also Samuel used one of the gold coins (AKA Chocolate eggs for Easter which Mom was smart enough to buy!) as his green for school. He taped it onto his shirt. Going to a school that has a uniform policy, makes it hard to dress in green on St. Patrick's day. It was fun going to school today to drop the kids off and see all the different ways the kids had gotten around this. Most of the girls had some kind of green in their hair. Emma even put on green eye shadow. She actually did a pretty good job- maybe I can get some pointers! There were green shoelaces and green jewelry and green striped socks (which are actually illegal, but I'm sure they will get away with it!) I used some of Emma's green stretchy foam that she wears in her hair for soccer to tie around Joseph's arm.
Joseph got this idea from school where a little Leprechaun keeps leaving them notes and even left them a lucky wishing rock yesterday. Rob helped him design the trap. Luckily, we still had this box around that I took an hour to make with him for his Valentine's box for school and then he never got out of his backpack, "because I didn't know what it was for." Uh, what? What did you think we were making it for? Didn't you grab a clue when everyone else in the class was getting out their boxes? But I digress..
Next year we will catch that lucky little Leprechaun and then Joseph says he will ask for the 3 wishes instead of the pot of gold, because the Leprechauns never actually let you have the pot of gold. They always trick you. But if you can get 3 wishes then you can ask for a pot of gold for one of your wishes! Smart kid!!
Happy St. Patrick's day to you all! And Top of the morning!


Searls Stuff said...

Our district always has spring break on St. Patrick's day. I think it is too bad. Kuddos to your creative kids!

12feetoftrouble said...

Bethany made a trap too but didn't take it to school. She leaves way too much stuff on the bench in the entry way so probably didn't notice it.

Anonymous said...

You can trap a Leprechaun by singing a good old Irish tune-Hills of Killanry will do which will touch his Irish heart so he starts to weep and then you look him right in the eyes and grap him. But don't tell him You aren't Irish or it would work grandma Keck

Think said...

Hi Deb!

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