Thursday, March 31, 2016

2 Month Photo Blog

 Max on a Motorcycle.  This is up at Ramstein.
 Max's school field trip down to Ritter sport.  They got to make 2 chocolate bars and learn about how chocolate is made.  Max put crispy rice and pop rocks in his chocolate.  It actually wasn't half bad.
 Went to a friends house and learned how to flood cookies.  Love learning something new!

 Crazy baking for Valentine's day.  Max wanted me to make chocolate strawberries for his class. I made a big cookie instead and then some cake pops, but they didn't turn out awesome so I relented and did the strawberries.  Also I made a bunch of other stuff for us and other people.
We may only have one more year of this Valentine's thing.  Rob and I have never done much with the holiday- even though I did decide to bake up a storm this year.  I think we may have even forgotten there was a holiday, except that the little ones always did Valentine's cards for their classmates.  Max is the last one doing that now.  
 Getting serious about moving.  Went through some of our stuff and sold some of it- gave away the rest.
Bought some stickers for my nails- I feel like I am 5.  But really these Jamberry nails are great.  Polish lasts me not even a day before it's ruined and looks horrible.  These last for 7-10 days on me.  I think they are actually supposed to last about 2 weeks, but I am so hard on my nails.  I don't bite them or anything.  It's just my regular every day routines.  My nails are so paper thin and break all the time.  The stickers seem to help protect them. I might be spending a little more money on nail stuff now!
 Sam's European Football Championship ring came in.  Very cool!
 The tulips are out.  Love them!  As soon as I saw they were starting to go on sale, I had to buy some.
 For Leap Year Day we had pond water (margarita mix and sprite) and
 Frog legs and green fields (friend chicken breast strips and salad) for dinner.
I also made an avocado and tomato salad which would have been way better without all the onion!
Notice there are no pictures of my birthday.  That's because we didn't do much this year.  It was Ok, though.  For some reason I wasn't up for much.  Rob and the boys made dinner and I bought a cheesecake for dessert.