Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I love you, Spring!

Have I told you how much I love spring?  Maybe it's because I detest winter so much by the time spring rolls around.  I can handle winter until the middle of January and then I am done.  February is the most dismal month, ever!  That's why I have to live in a place where it becomes spring promptly in March!  No waiting until the end of April or May to warm up and stop snowing!  And I'm sorry Wyoming- you have some awesome people living inside of your boundaries, but your weather is the most depressing weather, ever!  We once had 8 inches of snow on the 28th of June- so not cool!  Alright I take that back- way too cool for June!
My favorite flower always heralds the beginning of spring- the Tulip.

I had to buy myself some.  They are just so pretty, even if they do die really fast!

The other day we went to get our toes done.  I picked this really pretty purplish/reddish color and then saw the green and had to have it.

The person doing my toes wanted me to change back to the other color, because he said, "green only last one day."  I thought the nail polish was subpar, but he said, "no, color last, green only good for one day- St. Patrick's day."  Well, I wasn't even thinking of St. Patrick's day when I saw it.  I was just thinking about Spring.  Spring, how I love you- let me count the ways!!!
Ok, I guess I should have warned you beforehand that this post would contain an inordinate amount of explanation points!! But who can resist explanation points when it's no jacket weather outside and the birds are chirping!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


The blank stares of my children when I tell them that their cousin Monica died last night make me sad.  Now I realize one of the things that the Military takes away from you.  Good-bye sweet Monica.