Sunday, January 31, 2016

YW/YM Date Party

In August we organized a dating party.  Dating seems to has gone the way of the dinosaur.  One thing I am trying to teach my boys is to date- for real.  I feel like it is my responsibility as a mother of boys.  My responsibility to the Young Women of this generation that are missing out.  Now dating is done all on line and through texting.  How can you really get to know anyone through texting?  You can say anything you want on a phone or a computer- things you don't even really believe.  It's only by dating that you get to really know people and how they treat others and how they react in all kinds of situations.  When my aunt first went on a date with her now husband, they went skiing.  He tripped and went down and she, coming hard behind him, could not stop and instead skied right over top of his head.  She was sure she would never get a date with him again.  Instead, he called her up the next day to go on another date.  He was impressed with her athleticism, she in his continued confidence and easy forgiveness despite having his head run over.  How can you learn that over a text- you can't!

Also Emma was sad that there wasn't any fun dating going on here.  In Ohio the boys and girls got together and planned fun things, like her first date when they went and did a scavenger hunt at the mall. So we decided to do a group date.  The girls asked this time.  

Each girl pulled a name- except Sara who was having her first date-  got to choose.
First they pulled a category.  Then they had to make a cake sculpture.  Next everyone guessed the category. 

You got a point if you guessed right and a point if someone guessed right on yours.  The minion cake won.

Afterwards they went and played ultimate spoons and card games.  It was a fun time.

We were hoping the boys would reciprocate, but I don't think they have learned that quite yet!  We'll keep working on them!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Rounding out July

I thought I would do a quick round-up of July, until I found out everything we did.  We are animals!
 We went strawberry picking
 And swimming
 We enjoyed the 4th of July celebration at Patch that Emma can't remember about 6 months later.  
 I did so bad on these segways when I tried to turn.  I actually ended up in the grass tripping over myself.

 We tried to keep cool any way we could.  It was an especially hot year and when you live on the 4th floor of an apartment building with no AC it gets hot!
 I finished up my year of German class with the immigrants.  I ended up doing one more semester before I quit all together.
 More swimming
 A trip down to Europa park
 A little fun at the park
 More swimming- this one had a rapids slide that would never in a million years be allowed in the US.  It sucked you under the water right here and then farther down again.  The last one took all the strength I had to get out of!  I learned to avoid that spot.  We played great games on this slide.  It had two pools at different turns and we would try to dive into one of them.  You had to push off at just the right time to make it into the calm pools.  Once we learned how to do it, we started playing a game where half of us were in the pool and half on the slides and we tried to see who would win by getting all of the group in one area.  The Pool people had to drag the Slide people into the pool and the Slide people had to drag the Pool people onto the slide.  Lots of bruises and scrapes from that game, but it was super fun!
 And some raspberry picking!

But that's not all!  No not by a long shot!

Emma and I went to Girls camp as leaders.  This is the flag I made for our cabin.
Our hike. I convinced newbie Eden to take the longer hike.  We ended up doing 6 miles or so.
 And where would you end up on your hike in Germany other than a castle ruins??

 It was wicked hot, so some water games were definitely in the mix.  I made sponge balls and we threw them at each other.
 Then we played relay games with the squirt bottles- I didn't have the best squirt bottles and no Target to run to in order to get new ones- boo!

 What a crew!
And finally we ran over to see Prague.
Beautiful Prague
Haha- I thought that was pretty funny- Czechpoint!  Emma got a sweatshirt when she came with the Model United Nations that said, "Czech me out!"

 The Fred and Ginger Dancing house
 Taking the steps up to the castle.  They made us stay half way up while they filmed part of a movie- it took a really long time and people just stopped listening to them and went anyway, so they had to take a break.  If I ever see a movie with a bunch of kids playing soccer around steps that has an indian looking market on them, I'll know I was there!

 We walked from our hotel everywhere- mostly along the river.  It was about 2-3 miles to the Charles bridge.

 On the Charles Bridge
 Not sure why this man was hanging out

 On the bridge watching the paddle boats.  They had lots that looked like swans!
 On our last day there we head to one of the most fun parts of the trip- to the indoor water park.  It was huge with 3 different rooms and a lazy river through it all. They had the pirate ship, regular swimming and hot tubbing, a wave pool and 
 A whole room of slides. 
This one had you going super fast when you came out of the lightless tube and then spun you in a circle and spit you out the bottom!  It was crazy!

 Traditional Czech pastry

 Of course we had to stop and eat at the Hard Rock Cafe.  It's our little bit of Americana wherever we go!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


In July Sam turned 16!  
We celebrated with a fun trip to the Black Forest and the sommerrodelbahn.

Proof that I won at least in speed! 38.6 km

 Sandra went fast!

 We also went another day to the high ropes course.  It was a multi-day event- as all 16th birthdays should be!
 Max was super brave, considering he has a fear of heights.  I think he may have conquered it this day!

 Sam had multiple friends come, but this is the only one I got a picture of.
 This is making my insides want to become my outsides- says Emma!  it was hard work, but fun!
 Joe did great- all on his own.  His class in school had come here once before.