Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Garden

Once again, having a garden has caused a controversy at our home. Robert must have some repressed horrible gardening memories, because he has fought me constantly about having one. In Colorado, I borrowed a rototiller and got a garden spot all ready. I even separated it from the rest of what was going to be our lawn with railroad ties. Robert took those out and put grass on the whole lawn- on purpose! In Texas, we were going to move too soon and have to sell the house and no one liked a house with a garden spot (what??) In Virginia, obviously we had no backyard to speak of. Here, we are only renting the house and no we can't just do a small spot and throw grass seed out when we leave. So I went and rented a spot. He threw a fit about that! But it was only $10 for the year and the water is fairly easy to get up to the spot, so now he can only complain about the drive and how much gas is. He refused to help us at all, so here is Sam, Max and I digging up our spot. They had rototilled it once, but we had waited too long. I don't think the soil is the best, either. So we used a shovel and a bunch of rakes and took 2 hours to get 2/3 of it done. We left the rest, but we don't have our beans and peas and zucchini planted, so if we want those done we will have to go do the rest. It was a lot of work, but Sam really wanted to garden and he helped the whole time. Max wasn't the best helper in the world, but he picked grass out and tried to rake for us. He also was a good carrier and planter. Sam called the planting, "the fun stuff!" I hope we get some produce out of this! We got 9 tomato plants and 1 jalapeno plant free from the University of Ohio extension. We also planted corn and cantaloupe and a watermelon.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good-bye Soccer- for another season!

It's sad that we spend all this money on soccer and then are glad when it is done or when the games get canceled- which they were a lot this season. We had such a wet spring that the fields seemed to be always closed! Both Emma and Max got so much better this year. They told Emma that she was one of the two people that pulled their team out of the dumps and helped them start winning! Let's hope that proves true when she tries out for the High school soccer team this fall!It doesn't look very coordinated, but she made a big goal right after this!

Their parties ended up being on the same day. Emma's was a pizza party at 6pm that I was going to have to miss because we had Max's last game, but true to the season, it was canceled due to rain! I set up Max's party, because somehow I became the de facto team mom. So I set it up for 7 pm for ice cream only! Yeah baby- pizza then ice cream!! There are advantages when you take charge! These pictures that I have no idea who took are not one of the advantages, though! I hate how my chin slides into my neck! I have got to work on that posture!Sam and Joseph have been practicing football with Dad. Sam starts football this July! Let's hope this 15% for height and 10% for weight guy doesn't get crushed!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Emma's Bananarama Do

Emma and a group of girls got together for music class to be the Bananarama's. They are having performances from other era's all week long. Emma's of course was the 80's! Recognize anything you used to wear? Loving the pegged jeans and the tough girl bandanna. She sprayed her hair out a little more, closer to performance time.