Friday, September 25, 2009

I've got THE VIRUS!

The other day, I had in my ER two candidates for Mensa. The one with the mask on, which by the way was not the patient, promptly told me that she was diagnosed on Wednesday with a viral infection. Her boyfriend obviously was suffering with the same thing (surprise, surprise), but since he had a history of asthma he was given a few prescriptions to take home and diagnosed with Sinusitis and Bronchitis. She looked right at him and said, "All you have is Sinusitis. I have got THE VIRUS!" He reminded her that he also had Bronchitis, but this just didn't seem to add up to equal her "VIRUS!" in her eyes. I really had to hold my tongue hard not to tell them that they both should definitely not have children until they got a brain between the two of them! "Dear, you do realize that means you have a cold, right?" Obviously, she didn't know and obviously they wanted to share, because this week I have THE VIRUS! It has knocked me down. I took Zicam, which made me severely nauseous and did a lot of resting! Today was the first day I felt like I could get up and get something done- so I went shopping! I usually don't enjoy shopping, but sometimes a body just has to get out. I got a package off to my sister, changed Emma's soccer ball for a size 5 (much cuter than the size 4 anyway!), and went to the library. I also bought myself a treat, since I am not weighing myself or exercising this week! It wasn't quite as good as I remembered!
The good thing about being forced to take it easy- I finished two books. I read Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief (It was Ok.), and Unexplained Mysteries of World War II. I really enjoyed this one. If you like history you'll enjoy the different stories. There is one where a man is trying to leave Germany, but is forced to land and make repairs to his airplane. While he is in Germany, a man bumps into him and tries to explain that the Gestapo is after him. The man hides him and then flies him out of Germany with him. Later he is fighting for the Polish and then the British against the Germans and is hit. He makes it back to land, but his head was hit so bad they don't think they can save him. Later he wakes to see the man he has saved. He was a Jewish brain surgeon and has saved his life. There is also a story about an advertisement that is put in the paper right before the Pearl Harbor attacks that really looks like a warning to potential spies about the impending attack.
Today against my cheaper side's nagging I went and bought Dan Brown's latest book, The Lost Symbol. I am on Chapter 6 already. Too bad THE VIRUS is almost gone and I have to go back to my normal busy life!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Double Knife Boy gets it in the End!

Joseph, from the time he could walk would grab knives out of the dishwasher and pretend to fight with them. He always had to be carrying two around. We called him Double Knife boy. Mom had to be extra vigilant to keep the steak knives away and only allow him butter knives.We were flirting with disaster to get this quick picture. Even so, women looked at me like I was crazy, allowing my child to walk around with butter knives. He has long since gotten over this and only fights with swords, now! But the other day he finally got it in the end! Literally!

Mom had opened up the dishwasher and pulled out the bottom drawer for the kids to put the dishes away. Joseph scooted a stool next to the dishwasher to get up and get a cup (instead of using one of the clean ones in the dishwasher.) Somehow he slipped and fell, impaling himself on two knives! During our entire ER stay and even later at home, Robert argued with me about how I shouldn't have pulled out the knives. He is a very by the book First Aid kind of guy and I apparently am the worst ER nurse known to man! Why is it that we never trust the ones we know the best? Anyway, after looking at the wound, I knew I had to bring him in and get about 3 stitches. That is indeed how many he got. The one knife was barely in his skin, but the other went an inch deep. They were afraid he may bleed too much internally so we had to check him several times that night.
Before I left I grabbed a whole bag of stuff and called Rob to tell him we were on our way up to base. He called about 20 minutes later wondering where I was. I had just left, because it takes a while to get together entertainment, treats, and fix ones hair in preparation for an ER visit. I am no dummy. I know what ER waits are like. Much to my amazement we were the only ones in the waiting room when we arrived and they got us right back and had him sewn up in no time. He enjoyed being able to play his gameboy on a school night, but didn't like the whole numbing process, too much. Loved the green Popsicle they gave him afterward, but not trying to walk. Tried to get out of school today, but Mom would have none of it. He made me promise to tell the teacher not to tell anyone he had stitches in his rear-end. Of all the places he could have been impaled, I am so thankful we were blessed with that spot! Anywhere else and it could have had some serious consequences! He really is quite the trooper!
And so ends the saga of Double Knife boy, who got it in the end! One regret- we didn't leave the knives in place long enough to get a proper picture! Hee hee!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It has begun!

Soccer season has started! This year Emma is the only one playing. We decided we definitely needed some more family time, so the boys were taken out of everything except piano lessons, much to Sam's consternation. Emma needs to continue to play if she is going to try out for a school team next year, though. She scored her first goal of the season and did some fancy footwork that even her Dad was impressed with! It was so nice to be done after that and then get to take a nap. After a nap we went biking as a family- Ok, the kids biked (Emma dragging the trailer with Max riding.) Mom and Dad ran the 6 miles. On the way back a fire truck came screaming down the street, scaring me. I watched it, but couldn't see if it turned into the school were we were headed or continued straight. Pretty soon Rob was saying, "you've increased the pace!" I wanted to make sure Joe hadn't gone out of control and gotten hit by a car. As we crested the hill we saw all the kids, safe and the firetruck in the school parking lot. The school alarm had gone off. I was so glad it wasn't our children!!

Yum, Cakes!

Ah, my little layer cakes- I have been waiting for you!
So excited!! My first time buying fabric online. I wonder if I will ever make anything with these? One can never tell. The plan: a quilt for Emma. They are so cute aren't they? Why don't they have cute stuff like this at my local Joannes?

Friday, September 11, 2009

It Still Surprises Me when She Comes!

The Tooth Fairy didn't seem to like our home growing up. The only time she came, was when I lost a tooth at my Grandma's house. But she seems to like Rob and my house just fine. You just put your teeth under the pillow when you go to bed and that sends out the call to her. She has always answered the calls at our home. Joseph says she has lots of money and comes and brings it when she takes your teeth. This time she gave coins, instead of a dollar. Sam wonders why she gives more money to some people. I don't know. Maybe their teeth are somehow more valuable. Sam got $5 for the one that had gum still attached! Rob yanked that one out with a string before it was quite ready!
It's been awhile since we had a toothless grin in our home. It's very hard to get mad at a person that can smile at you like that!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ready, set, go!

Crazy Mom- all summer thought that school started on Wednesday. Finally, Sunday, I decided that sounded awfully weird, so I checked on-line. Oops, sorry, guys- school starts on Tuesday! They were not happy to have one day of summer taken away from them!! I wasn't so excited either, because I worked until 4 am on Monday. I went to bed and got up 3 hours later to get everyone ready for their first day of school. Luckily, Emma is a big help these days and had gotten everyone up, dressed and hair brushed. I just had to make lunches while they ate breakfast and rebrush a few people's hair. I even got their pictures taken in front of our tree- way in front, because it was raining outside! It was a good first day! Max had to get ready too, even though his school (I put him in preschool this year for 2 days a week, because he really wanted to) doesn't start until Thursday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Creativeness gifted

So remember when I had this post on my site? One of the people who commented back and played along was my sister Cindy. So for her birthday, I made her this fabulous Flirty Skirty apron. Hope she likes it! Now Brittany, where is mine? Ha ha!!

Fun at the Fair

We went to the Fair the other day. There is nothing so great as a little redneck fun at the fair. Seeing the fat piggies, petting the goats, eating tons of fair food- you got to love fair food! Ahh.. corn on the cob off the grill, turkey legs (not my favorite), cotton candy, elephant ears-yum! And of course nothing says "the Fair is in town" like a pair of Fair Shorts! Our favorite part, though- the very redneck demolition derby. We loved all the cars crashing into each other, crushing metal, smoke, and a couple of small fires! We had fun picking our favorites and seeing if they won. Thanks Peterson's for letting us come and play!