Thursday, October 30, 2008

Apple Love

One thing I missed while having braces was eating apples whole. So it was one of the first things I tried after getting the braces off. It still sort of hurts, but after I smothered them in caramel and cut them up, I was able to down two of them all on my own. I feel so good about my fruit intake today!
I cooked the rest of the caramel until it was perfect for the first batch of caramels for this holiday season. Crazy, I know. You know what else is crazy- I listened to Christmas music today and yesterday. There is just so much exciting about Christmas this year that I just can't help myself! I couldn't help testing out my caramels either!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No More Brace Face

But it's not over, yet. Oh no! I have to wear a clear retainer 24/7 for 4 months. It stretches my lips over my teeth in a weird way- kind of like a Billy Madison, idiot looking kind of way. Maybe I'm just getting used to it, but I don't like the way I look with it in. I paid a lot for straight teeth, though and I'm not going to mess it up just because I'm not looking stellar. Heck, I haven't looked that way in 2 years of brace face either. The upside- they take so much time and effort to take out and all this spit comes pouring out (not something you want to do in public) that it has decreased my snack attacks!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Playing Hookie at the High School and Early Halloweens

So today we played hookie from soccer and cub scouts- mom needed it- and went and saw High School Musical 3. It was a fun evening- although expensive. We went before 6 pm, so it was a matinee, but still really steep. I can not believe prices have gone up that much.
This Saturday Emma had a Halloween party to go to, so mom had to hurry and finish the costume she had been procrastinating. We found a Majorette like ballerina costume at the thrift store for $4. With the help of some $2 material, $2 butterflies and wings from the dollar store, we turned it into a fairy costume. I had to unpick a bunch of sequins and some ugly pieces of material that were just hanging off of it. After I added a pretty ribbon around the middle, I had to unpick that too, because it made the thing too tight on Emma. I cut the bottom into jagged edges and used the cut material to make a scrunchy also. I think it turned out to be a cute water fairy costume!

SPT- top 100

#28 Both of us have college degrees. I have a Bachelors and Rob has a Masters.
Both our families stressed getting college degrees as very important. I never even thought of doing anything else besides going to college after graduating from High School. It was just what you did next. Both Rob's parents have college degrees. His mom finished her degree after she had her 4 children and through some pretty rough times. Both my parents have degrees and one of my grandfathers has a Doctorate. I went to a Junior college first in Sport's medicine. Turns out, after I got married I realized that Sport's medicine isn't the best degree for a Mormon mom who wants to stay home most of the time with her children. So I changed my major to Nursing. You can get a nursing degree in two years from a Junior college or get a Bachelors. They started this during the Vietnam war (I believe) to crank out nurses faster. Anyway, I had already graduated from Junior College- I even got to give the speech at the graduation, so I wasn't about to go back and get my nursing degree that way. Besides, like I said, we are big with education, so I got my bachelor's. One day I would like to teach nursing school, which means I will have to go back and get more education- but for now, I am enjoying working in the ED once in awhile and being a mom to my little children.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Better Days

Today I spent the day "spring" cleaning my kitchen. It felt so good. I didn't worry about anything. And tomorrow we are taking the day off from soccer and cub scouts to go see a movie as a family. I played a game with the baby and didn't worry about what I should be doing. It was a good day.
Oh, and I realized that I had forgotten to write about two of my angels. Emma, my sweet daughter, cleaned up the red Kool-Aide that the baby had spilled on the carpet. I had found the first spill and cleaned it, but the second one I found put me over the edge and the crying began. She cleaned it up after I stormed out. And no, I did not give the baby Kool-Aide. He is able to push the stool over to the cabinet and standing on his tiptoes get into all kinds of things!
One of my hometeachers has been wonderful. I don't think they have every come over for a real home teaching, but one of them is so good to call every week while Rob has been gone and trying to find things he can do for us. Today he brought us soup that he had made. Now we are set for the next few days with yummy, healthy meals. What would I do without these wonderful people in my life?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Angels among us

Things have definitely started getting to me. I realize that I can't do it all and I have been feeling like the only people that really care about me are 1000's of miles away. The house is a mess all the time, I am running non-stop until 8 or 9 every night and the only night I have off- Saturday- never turns out to be a night off. I am either trying to please my kids by doing a sleepover or taking them to parties or doing stuff for church until 1 in the morning. Tonight it all came to a head, but amazingly just like my favorite talk by Elder Holland this last conference, there were angels there ready to comfort me. One friend brought me dinner all made for tomorrow since I had mentioned in passing that we weren't eating so well. One friend took my son over to her house to play for the day and then when I went over there to get him, let me cry and talk to her and fed me fruit tarts. The other day a friend told her husband that I had told her that I was craving donuts and he went and bought me some and gave them to her to give to me. One friend IM-ed me today and then called later to make sure I was OK- all the way from Hawaii. These are real friends. These are my angels when I am having such a tough time. I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with them to take care of me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

spt- top 100

#21 from the 100 things list says that we are fairly cheap. I will have to change this. We really aren't. Actually my husband is very generous, but there are a few things that he doesn't like paying for- one of which is babysitting for 4 children. If you go up one on the list, you will see that it says, We are so glad our daughter is old enough to babysit now! We didn't go out on any dates from the time we had 3 children all the way past number 4, until she was able to start watching them this past year. The exception being when we had friends that agreed to trade off nights with us- which was fabulous! If you can find a friend willing to do that with you- so wonderful. The kids get to play with each other that night and you get a free night out. I highly recommend it. Of course it is not an easy arrangement to come by. I know- we only got that going once for about 6 months! But, now thank goodness, we don't have to worry about it, unless it happens that we wanted a babysitter for more than 2 hours. Bummer!

Monday, October 20, 2008

In Which The Mower and I have it Out

About 2 weeks ago, I tried to mow my lawn. I pulled and pulled on that cord, but nothing. This old man, kept walking by and watching me. I thought, why don't you come over here and help me, but then I realized I could probably pull harder than he could. I finally gave up. Rob called me and I told him about my misadventures. He explained how to make the thing work. I just never had time again, until today. My grass really needed to be mowed by now. So I went out this afternoon and began the pulling ritual again. I almost gave up, but I finally tried one more thing and the mower started! Yah. Oops, I let go of the throttle. So I started all over again. When I finally got the thing started again, I wouldn't turn it off for anything. My neighbor now has a strip of lawn mowed as I went around to the front. I figure that's what he gets for mowing only his half of the front lawn and not finishing it up. Truly, we share the front yard with our neighbors on each side. The one is very good and always mows my whole lawn for me when he is mowing his own, the other one leaves a couple foot section of one side unmowed. Very annoying. I probably looked hilarious out there trying to push the thing up hills and around big stepping stones that everyone has. I was literally stopped a couple of times on the hills- completely!
After I finally finished the mowing, it was time for the edging. Let me just say that we will be buying a new edger very soon. We have one currently from you know where. It lets out the cord, constantly. I had to go in and get a pair of scissors. I also had to put a whole nother length of cord on it, because of how much I had to keep cutting. One time I didn't cut it fast enough and it bit my leg- a few times.Boy the things I have learned from this. I understand the needs of the widows and the single moms so much more. My husband better get ready to help a lot of widows and fatherless families when he gets home!- because if they are anything like me, they are too proud to ask for help, but boy do they need it at times! PS anyone up for moving a chest of drawers and changing a light bulb that is in a chandelier over our stairs?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween decorating

Just having fun with a little Halloween decorating. I don't usually do much for Halloween. It's not one of those big holidays for me, but this is year I decide to have a little more fun with it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Are you really A Chocoholic?

Ok, all you professed Chocoholics, here is a test to see if you are really a champ. I was!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SPT- top 100

This week is #14. My number 14 says, "We really like Chocolate." I tried to make the 100 list about the whole family, not just me. There is a lot of food on that list! I have written about our Chocolate obsession before- here. It is actually a really cute story. My favorite chocolate is Cadbury and Reeses. I don't know who came up with that fabulous combination, but make mine Chocolate and Peanut Butter any time.Recognize this picture? Lelly had a similar one and I liked it, so I copied!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What was I thinking?

Here are some beautiful flowers that Rob sent me all the way from Iraq to wish me luck for my first day as a volleyball coach. Did you do a double take. Yeah, me too. I volunteered to help out with volleyball at Emma's school if they would let 6th graders participate. Unfortunately, they took that offer and ran with it. There were too many 7th and 8th graders that signed up- almost 30, so I had to be the coach for the 6th graders. The more I read and downloaded from the internet to read the more scared I got and the more I realized I had gotten myself way too deep. Then I went to the 7th and 8th graders first practice and met their coach. She played in middle school, high school, college and is now playing for a national team. Umm, I have played with my family and with the church ladies a couple of times. Yep, that's the extent of my resume'. I have been lucky enough to find a lady in my neighborhood that has actually coached volleyball before and who is willing to help on Wednesdays. I just have to do Monday's on my own. Today was the first practice and wow. 24 6th graders in one gym and a fire alarm that went off for 30 minutes. Needless to say, I have got to get a whistle- I yelled myself horse. I am completely warn out. I'm so glad I have help coming on Wednesday!!
ps. I bought the flowers myself, but I'm sure that Rob would have thought it was a great idea!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Service Star

I made my own service star flag with help from this website. I couldn't figure out how to applique so I just did the wonder under thing and then blanket stitched around the star. I think it turned out pretty good. It is suppose to hang in your front window when your loved one is at war. Mine is in view of the front window, but not actually in the window. I don't want to go advertising something like that to the world.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another point for me to Win Mother of the Year

I am pretty sure that I am in the lead by now. Today, sent me over the top. Last night I was suppose to work from 7pm-3am. The ward camp-out was Friday night, so we weren't planning to go. Some really wonderful people in our ward volunteered to take the children. At first I refused, but then work called and asked if I would please come in at 3pm and stay until 11 pm. So those two wonderful families did the great service of picking my children up from two different schools and taking them with a ton of camping equipment to the camp-out. They kept them safe in the woods where they like to wander and put them nicely in bed, before I got there around midnight. I had forgotten to give them all the childrens' sleeping bags, so the two littlest boys were tucked away together in one sleeping bag. Unfortunately, they were in my sleeping bag. I had two little boy sleeping bags that only came up to my waist. I unzipped and tried to wrap them around me. You get the picture- I didn't sleep a wink- I was so cold and uncomfortable. I got up a couple of times and tried to right everything. The last time I did, I heard Max start to whine, his belly rumble and then the puking began. In the morning Max seemed to be a lot better, so we went to breakfast. This is the point where the Mother of the Year Judges started really getting impressed. Emma ran off with friends, one of which fell down and got hurt. Sam and Joe ran around with strict orders not to leave the mess hall area. They actually listened to that. Unfortunately, I forgot the strict orders about not throwing each other off of rocks, while playing King of the big, pointy rock. Max stayed with me the whole time until suddenly he disappeared. The whole camp ended up looking for him. Finally they all stopped and gathered in the center of the camp and had a prayer to help us find him. Just as they finished and were giving out orders about which way each group should go, I spotted him running across the camp. He had followed some teenage girls to their cabin and had stayed with them while they packed up. I was so not happy. I threw him in the car after hugging him for awhile and went to pack up our stuff. He retaliated by peeing all inside the car. It was a beautiful start to the day. Now, can you think of anyone better to win Mother of the year this year? Thankfully the Lord definitely blessed us! Thank You Lord and all the wonderful people in my ward!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SPT- top 100

This month we are doing the things from our top 100 list. You can see the whole list here if you are up for it. This week is #7 ... My number 7 said that I was an impulse buyer. This is too true. That's why I scrapbook- I love to buy all the cool stuff! Oh, yeah, this is only part of my "stuff!" I have learned not to impulse buy big stuff. When we first got married I was trying to buy it all with the $10,000 we had. Some of it really lasted- like the the washer and dryer. The dryer is still kicking over 15 years later. I did however buy a cheap couch, so I could get the really nice dinette and bedroom set- which are both also doing well. I hated the couch within a year and I had to have that thing for 10! The couches I have now took me over a year to find. I have had them for over 5 years now and still love them.
The main reason I impulse buy isn't so much that I fall in love with something and want it so bad that I buy it, it is more of a patience problem. The other day my waffle iron broke and so off I went to buy another one. Who knew finding a waffle iron would be so hard. We don't like Belgium waffles, we like the thin, crispy kind. Well everyone only had Belgium waffle irons. I went to Wal-mart, Costco, Target, JC Penny's, our local PX (post exchange), Marshall's, Bed, bath and beyond. It was crazy. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I bought 2 different ones and had to return both of them, because of course when they say Belgium waffle iron, that's what they mean, but I wanted some waffles so bad that I just had to try them out! I finally found one on-line that is really cool. It also turns into a regular grill and the plates come off so they are easy to wash. I would waste so much less time, if I would just wait and buy what I really want, instead of just trying it out, just to see if it will work! One of the many reasons I really don't like to shop.

Monday, October 6, 2008

1 Month down!

It's our Anniversary tomorrow- 1 month in Iraq for Robert. 1 month and still no pictures. So instead I am posting a picture of the new cool flag they wear on their uniform. It is infrared, so that they can be identified by American's from afar as an American. Just a note, in case you didn't know: it's not backwards. It is the sign of riding into battle with the flag flowing in the wind. It is a sign that they are at war- something that many American's forget.
The month started out rough for Robert as he had a growth that was causing him great discomfort with his uniform and all that wonderful gear on, so he had to have it removed. Within two days he started feeling much better and has been good since. He sits in a box most days for 14-15 hours, but will be moving out soon to do more inspection type work and then really move. Right now he is in the middle of the Green Zone, but he will be moving to one of the camps on the outskirts of the town of Baghdad.
1 month down, 3 more to go.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who will you vote for?

I just finished watching the Vice Presidential debate. I am not registered with either party and don't consider myself a Republican or a Democrat. When I took a test, way back in high school, I was just one check mark more on the Republican side than the Democrat. Each Presidential election some kind of quiz comes up like this and I take it. And guess what? Every year I am just one check mark more on one side than the other. This year was no exception. So every year, I leave it up to something that I just find that I can't support one of the candidates on and vote for the other. This year will probably be about who I think will actually do a decent job. I go back and forth on that one. I can't seem to make up my mind and that darn test didn't help at all! I guess I am just a confirmed republicrat! Did you get a definite answer on the test?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Because of a blogger...

If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report, or praiseworthy we seek after these things. Article of Faith 13.

I think it fits.

Because of a blogger I have found cute crafts, fun traditions, awesome ideas, great information, a new sense of power to stick to my goals. I have found inspiration, faith, and links to other great sites. And because of a blogger I take pictures of myself and tell my story. Thanks, Lellie.