Thursday, April 20, 2017

A New Mexico Easter

Here we are in our new Easter outfits.  

I swear I look like I am in pain, but I believe it was just the sun hitting my eyes.  Or maybe I'm just getting old and it shows more when I smile. But I wanted to show my whole dress.  All of that is embroidery!  It comes from a new website that I was introduced to by a friend called eshakti.  They customize your dress for you.  You can change the neck, the sleeves, the length and give them your measurements and they make the dress for you.  Super excited about it!

We had a super low key Easter, but a nice one.  One where we laughed together and enjoyed each others company.  
I taught my class and did the eggs with objects in each one that represent the story of Christ's last time on the earth.  I have changed it a little to focus on the things I think should be focused on more.
My version:

1. Matt 26:26-28 (sacrament cup)  This is the Last supper and the institution of the sacrament
2. Matt 26:14-15 (3 pennies wrapped in tin foil) The 30 pieces of silver
3. Matt 26:36-45 (Olive oil) representing the Garden of Gethesemane
4. Matt 27:1-2 (rope) Jesus is bound
5. Matt 27:18-24 (soap) Pilate washes his hands
6. Matt 27:35 (dice) casting lots
7. Matt 27:50-54 (rocks) the earthquakes, ending with the soldiers believing that Jesus was the son of God
8. Matt 27:57-60 (white linen) burial
9. Matt 27:62-66 (large rock) stone sealed on tomb
10. Mark 16:1 (cloves) to anoint the body
11. John 20:2-9 (small roll of gauze) seeing the empty tomb 
12. Matt 28:6 (empty) he is not here but is risen

I would like to tweak it a little more and put in the part about Mary seeing Jesus.  More than anything I wanted to focus on the fact that he had risen and not so much about the death.  The death is in there, but it's not the main focus.  
What I found was 1. 8 year olds, even my smartie pants kids, have trouble reading long scriptures.
2. They don't understand how scriptures are laid out or are written down on a paper.  They kept saying Matt- what does Matt mean?  I had to tell them more than a couple times that Matt was short for Matthew.  Then they would say 26 dot dot 26 dash 28.  3. They really can't find scriptures.  I had to go around showing them every single time, even though we stayed in the same 2 chapters most of the time.  I had to say, "don't turn your page, don't turn your page.  Stay where you are" almost every single time and then come around and point to the right verse.  So that took our whole lesson!  But at least we talked of Christ and the real reason for Easter AND we learned a little about how to find scriptures!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fools!

Today it was winter in New Mexico- no lie.  
It's been 70-80 degrees for 3 weeks, but today Mother Nature said, "April Fools!"

Sam's track meet was canceled after they ran the 3200m and the 4x100m.  Our girls scratched because they false started and then our boys scratched because they couldn't feel anything with their hands being frozen and dropped the baton.  Sam's race was up next when they decided to cancel the meet due to the snow!  That's right- Snow!  I had to laugh when I saw the Petroglyph National Monuments fire danger sign at Moderate!
Max however, completed his football game.  You think that's another April Fools?  Nope.  They have spring football here as well as fall.  We signed up late, but they let us on if we would go to the next town over to play with their team.  They have so few players that even when they let everyone they could sign up late, they still only have 10 healthy players and 2 sick ones.  We figured these guys have all played together since they were like 5 so it was about the only way Max would actually get to play.  He started on offense 

and kick return.  

He also played a little linebacker.  His hands were completely frozen when it was all done.  He couldn't even get his pads undone.
With all this winter weather it made me crave meat which I rarely do- so we went to the best burger around!  And we got to see a little Emma there!

What a start to April!

Springbreak Losers

We didn't plan anything for Springbreak- maybe we had premonitions?  We were planning to do something for the end of the week- maybe Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  But then Rob got in an accident on Monday and we had appointments on Monday.  Then Rob was supposed to be convalescing, so we couldn't go anywhere.  
I did let the kids have friends over to play capture the flag. (I invited the entire YM/YW and only 2 young kids came, luckily Sam had invited all his track buddies so they had enough for a game.  Another depressing thing about this ward- or maybe it's just us.  Haven't figured that out yet.) 
I did take them to a fun center where we played miniature golf

Joe trying really hard to keep his eyes open!
and laser tag (which I got 2nd in) and a simulated video game type thing (which I got dead last on, because I died 4 or 5 times and killed no one.  I couldn't figure out why it kept ejecting me until I realized about halfway through the game that meant I had been killed- who knew!), and did bumper boats and go karts!  It was a fun day.
We also got Sam signed up for his ACT's.  He couldn't get the last thing done- the picture.  It kept rejecting all of them, saying his eyes were closed.  This is the one that got accepted.  

Crazy much?
We also hiked around and on the three volcanos that are just behind our housing area.  It was a really nice hike!
We are a little bit of Springbreak losers like Emma calls us, but at least we did a few things around the area that we had been meaning to do!

New Mexico Driver's are seriously the Worst!

The only driver's I have seen worse than New Mexican's are Roman's and they believe all traffic rules are suggestions.  Well New Mexican think most of the traffic rules are suggestions.  They don't use their blinkers, they cut across 3-4 lanes of traffic at once and expect those they cut off to just react, they drive distracted and they go at least 20 miles over the speed limit at all times!  It's amazing we haven't been in a crash until now.  The other day Rob came home with his hair a mess just 30 minutes or so after he left.  While getting onto the on ramp for the high way a semi hit him while going about 25-30 mph.  

Rob never saw it coming.  He said, at one point he was slowing down and the next he was airborne.  He did a "good combat roll" and jumped right back up.   His motorcycle is a total loss. 

He was acting a little funny when he came home so I really wanted to take him in, but he said he had to go to work.  He only got to stay at work for a short time before the boss told him he had to go to the ED.  He went to the VA and with his report back of what they did and didn't do, the way the doctor acted towards him and the nurses and the absurd amount of time it took (he wasn't home until  4 pm) I solidified my opinion of VA hospitals and how I will never ever work at one!  The doctor never even looked at him, he just looked at his scans and x-rays that were ordered by the triage nurse!  All Rob had to do was take off his shirt and I saw a huge bruise on his lower abdomen.  He made an actually appointment with his primary care physician for a same day appointment the next day to get all the things they didn't check out, checked out!  Luckily the bruise was not not internal bleeding.  He got away with cuts, bruises, a broken thumb and a TBI.  He was forced to take 2 weeks of conversant leave which he thought was ridiculous, but after a couple days realized he needed.   He was one of the only smart people in New Mexico and was wearing his helmet.  His uniform miraculously kept him from getting road rash!  That stuff is made of some pretty awesome material!  I am so thankful that he was kept safe.  This definitely could have been much worse!

Jump High!

Track season has begun.

Sam was running only the hurdles and a relay race until they saw him box jump over his own head.  Now he is doing high jump again.

They never have him practice it during the week, but they figure they can get an extra point or two out of him.  So far he has only gotten them 1/2 a point for it, but I guess that's better than no points, right?  And since he won his 110m hurdles right after, 

I guess it didn't affect his race either!

St. Patrick's day

As per tradition, we had to have green pancakes for St. Patrick's day.

I sent Emma this cute scarf and got one for myself, too so that we wouldn't be pinched due to lack of green!

Happy something-we-don't-even-know-why-we-celebrate day!

Everybody loves a Wedding

Our handsome nephew who came home from his mission from Germany about a month after we left decided to go and get married.

They did it in California- a mere 12 hours driving time away, so we decided to actually attend a family wedding (something we aren't known to do!)

Kade's immediate family
It was a fun time even though it was raining and a little too chilly.