Monday, February 11, 2013

What We've been Up to

Our dryer broke- 3 months before move date- not cool!  We can't bring it with us- it's the wrong voltage.  It's 20 years old.  We figured it would die sometime soon, but not just before moving!  We were hanging things from everywhere and even used some of Sam's paracord to make drying lines down in the basement.  It really wasn't that bad, but we decided to see if it wasn't just the thermostat or the heating element.  We ordered both from Amazon for under $25 and it fixed it!  Still don't know if it was the heating element or the thermostat, but they are both new now and everything is working great.  Someone gets it all spanking new when we leave in 3 months!

Speaking of paracord.  Sam decided to make a business.  He is making those cord bracelets and turning a tidy profit from it, too.  One of his friends decided that he wanted to do it too.  His parents got him all kind of colors, so he is doing better than Sam right now.  I told Sam he needed to get some fun colors, but both him and Rob were like, why?  Now they know why!  Rob had just got him tan and black.  Super!!  Since then,  I have bought him orange, blue and green- we are looking at glow in the dark.

Sam is also doing a trail drive with the scouts and is making lego robots currently.

Rob and I are busy training for another marathon. 

I thought I was done with marathons for awhile.  In fact, I really wanted to do a triathlon this spring instead.  But then I saw an ad on Facebook for the Army marathon.  Well, I know that the Army doesn't have a marathon (just the Marines and the Air Force.)  I looked it up and behold, it is the inaugural year for the Army marathon down in Ft. Hood, Texas!  I knew Rob would have to do it when I told him!  We only have 12 weeks to train.  We did 10 last week and 12 miles this week.  I was sore on Saturday, but better by Sunday morning.  It's going to be hard, but I think we can do it.
We are in the midst of moving madness.  We just cleaned out the toys,

 we've cleaned out our closets a couple of times, we are going through files and making sure we have  decent wardrobes to start out with.  We are also doing passports

 and physicals and scheduling pick ups for household goods, baggage goods, storage.  We are scheduling car drop-offs and figuring out what to do with our truck and motorcycles and trampoline and food storage and baby grand piano.  It's enough to keep one hopping!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sherpa Alert

This is how Max went to school on Friday. 

On Monday he added some snow boots- just because!
  He's a character!