Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In My Quest to become SuperMom...

Now that all our camps are done and since we only have various sports practices from 4-9 every night (and sometimes on weekends, too), I thought I needed to add something to keep our family active this summer!  Hence, the list...

I asked the kids what they wanted to do this summer, I looked up cool things on line and we made this brief list of ideas.  The things that are highlighted are the things we have done so far such as visiting Young's Dairy where they have batting cages,

I don't just take pictures- I participate too!  
a big slide,


and a golf range

to name a few. 
We also had random movie day.  

All the kids brought over a movie and we picked them out of a bag to see what we would watch.  We watched Angel's in the Outfield and Lord of the Rings.  Emma and Nancy enjoyed taking pictures of their friend Tiffany

who had never seen Lord of the Rings before and then posting them on-line!  We also had an ice cream bar at our random movie day,

Notice Tiffany got in every picture!  Ha ha!

which took care of two at once!  When you are trying to bid for SuperMom, you have to think creatively like that!
Another day we made sponge balls and had a sponge ball war.

The sponge balls all came apart during the war. I don't think I know how to make sponge balls very well, but shhh!  Don't tell any one!

With less than 3 weeks of summer vacation and so many things left, I don't know how we are going to get it all done!  But I could surprise you.  I have been in Utah and Idaho, visiting my sister, Lise, my mother, 

my Grandmother (Happy 90th birthday, Grandma!),

and my mother-in-law and going to BYU-I education week where I not only gained spiritual insight, but learned all about the requirements for getting into any of the Churches schools (did you know that BYU- Provo is up to a 3.8?  Crazy!)  All the while I was still able to check off, watch the Olympics as a family, because I was doing it with my mother and the kids were doing it with Rob.  I know, with thinking like that, I'm a shoe in for SuperMom!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Buckle Your Seat belts!

Guess what!
Yep!  She got her permit- the easy part was doing the test- the hard part, as always, working with the DMV to get the license issued!  3 hours later we walked out with that little scary card!
Rob took her on base, Sunday and had her drive all the empty parking lots.  Notice the white thing on her neck- that's a shocker.  If she does something wrong, it shocks the heck out of her.  Ok, just kidding.  It's one of those stick on heating pads.  She went boating with friends on Saturday and really did a number on her neck and shoulder.  She took pain medicine, I gave her the heating pad, we massaged her, everything, but she was still really stiff and sore.  Her friends even tried to give her more medicine in Young Women's, because she started crying, but I had to stop her, because she couldn't have anymore.  It scared me to death to be teaching her when she couldn't possibly look over her left shoulder to check for cars coming.
The scariest part was when Rob let her drive home.  She was seriously trying to take out mailboxes!  Since then, I have put on my brave face and let her drive a couple times.  Things like this really help you understand your own parents better!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Camping We Will Go!

Camp time has descended.
  And my Summer has ended!
Sam went to Boy Scout camp and earned more merit badges then anyone else- again!  Horsemanship was one of them. 
This is Sam's horse, Shorty.  Isn't he cute!
Rob went up and helped out for half of the time and got a couple pictures for me!

I went with the Young Women's to camp.

We had a good time up in Kirtland, Ohio. 

We went canoeing, hiking, 


cliff diving,

to the temple,

to the "This is Kirtland" play and shot black powder rifles.  I gave my target a new belly button. 

We also played a week long game of capture the flag

that unfortunately got nasty and ended with teams ganging up to beat us.  I am proud to say that our girls stayed nice throug out it all and gave the would be flag snatchers cookies and braided their hair.  That just made me extra sad that they were treated so badly by the other girls, though.  See the little Cindy Loo Who poofs on some of the girls heads.  A bunch of us wore our hair like that for the canoe trip.  I went with the YW president and we swamped our boat, twice.  One time I got a nasty bruise out of it, too!  We were attacking one of the times, so we couldn't blame anyone but ourselves on that one.  The other time, Emma was trying to get in and we went over.
We got home Saturday afternoon.  I worked that night, taught YW at church the next day and then 3 camps started on Monday.  Joseph goes to Cub scout camp at 8 am, Sam goes to football camp at 1pm and Emma goes to soccer camp at 5:30 pm.
Emma's nasty soccer socks on my kitchen counter- not cool!
I was required to go at least one day to Cub scout camp.  I went on Wednesday and have now solidified in my mind that I will refuse any calling extended to me for scouts.  I was about ready to do serious harm to one of those boys!  They trashed my car, flipped the lights on and off and on and off and on and off, were mean to Joseph and generally loud and obnoxious!  The day was described as "unbearably hot" by the weather forecasters which made the day ever so much better. Luckily, one of my friends went that same day and we kept each other sane.  The boys in our group broke the camp record for putting together this dinosaur

and by the end of the day we still held the record!

After Friday our camps will be all done, thank goodness.  But soccer practice starts for real on Monday and Football starts for real the next Monday.
Oh Man, the things we do for our children!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Whatever will We do with 2 Teenagers in the House

That's right- Sam turned 13!  

I'm not sure why we allowed it.  Certainly one teenager in the house is enough.  Obviously, we weren't thinking when we let July 1st come.  We celebrated by heading down to Kentucky and going with our favorite people, the Dean's, to Indiana's Lake Patoka.

Sam got up on ski's briefly,

Rob actually fought the water demons until he was standing on one ski after a beach start.

 I also made it up, ever so briefly, on ski's.  We also rode the tube

 and played king of the tube

 and got thrown off the tube

 and skipped across the water like skipping stones- which we also skipped on the water!  It was a great day!  We will surely miss the Dean family as they head out to new adventures in Louisianna! 
At home, Emma made Sam a 3 layer cake

and we set it on fire!! 

He wanted an MP3 player (What??) and a new bow, 

because his was too easy for him to pull, now. 

I also bought him a round of paintball for 8 people.  Robert really appreciated that gift!  Hee, hee!