Thursday, May 5, 2016


I'm not always good at expressing myself.  In college a friend accused me of being two faced. I had a roommate that was going around telling people not to say anything about Desert Storm to me, since I was associated with the military.  I told her it was fine.  I was ok with it, not a big deal.  Of course that was an overstatement.  I had no problem talking about it with people and thought she was being silly, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't concerned for all the people at our base that were going or that my own father would be going and be in harms way.  When I expressed that concern later on, that's when the two faced ideas came out.  I either don't know how to explain what I am feeling real well or maybe I just have a lot of faces!  I love some things, but I also hate them.  Moving is one of those things.
I love moving.   In fact one of my worst fears is staying in one place for an indeterminate amount of time.  I like knowing how much time I have to deal with mean people or a calling at church that I don't particularly enjoy.  If the ward is less than supportive and my kids have no friends- no big deal, we will be moving soon!  Going new places, discovering new friends, experiencing new places, new cultures, learning lots- I love it all.  But that doesn't mean I enjoy the actual moving process.  This: 

 I hate this!

The mess, the disorganization, people all up in your business for days at a time!

But I actually love this!

Open, empty space, everything neatly packed or gone.  Love it!  I may be a minimalist at heart.

Having to meet new people and make new friends.  I enjoy that.  I look at it as starting fresh.  No one has a preconceived notion of you.  Of course there are always those people in every area that hear me say 3 sentences and hate my guts.  I have foot in mouth disease, I know this, but really 3 sentences?  What could I have possibly said in that amount of time?  This area was no exception.  I never did find out why she vehemently hated me, since I don't even know if I had spoken 3 sentences to her before the hate came.  And she did tell someone it was something I had said.  Luckily, she moved 6 months later. See- moving is great!
On the other hand- having to find new doctors, dentist, the perfect house and the perfect school and the perfect ward and filling out the same stupid form in triplicate at every one of those places is the worst.  Then there is finding the best place for the kids to play sports, finding and starting a new job for me, and dealing with landlords.  IT'S SOOOOO MUCHHHH WORKKKK!
So one day when I tell you how much I love to move and then a month later I complain horribly about all the moving, don't think I am ridiculous, a person that can't make up her mind.  I have made it up.  I love moving............. and I also hate it!