Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ending with the Best

After football and wrestling, I was pretty depressed about what we had done for our oldest son, but he moves well and showed it.  He went into track with determination and found some amazing coaches that helped him reach for his potential.  Coming out of Stuttgart, I think he only had a 17 sec (something) for his best time at the 110 meter hurdles and maybe 5'8 for his high jump.  Of course it was his first year in high school running or jumping.  He mastered the 3 step technique this year and learned to deal with ice baths.  

Even I became involved with the team, because the coaches were so awesome!  Rob and I tried to make most of the meets.  

So many parents were never there.  They are long and some think really boring, but I have always found track fascinating and it helps when you personally know the kids and their struggles.  We rooted for all kinds of kids, including from other teams, because we learned of their stories, or guessed at some.  A lot of the boys would come say hi to us and give me a hug.  Sam's hurdle coach was also named Debi and so we talked lots.  Such a great group of kids and adults! 

Sam made it to state in the 110 hurdles, high jump and as an alternate for the sprint medley team.  

For those that qualified they had a special dinner.  I was invited to participate.  So amazing to watch! 

 Hats were given out at districts for those who made state

 Goodie Bags!

 The 6A boys track team

 Isn't this cake amazing!

The meet itself was hot but the competition was fierce.  Those kids gave every last ounce they had.  We watched lots of throwing up.  They even had to move the podium because of a big pile of puke in front of it.  Do you know where they moved it- on top of the puke!  NICE!   

Our meet had 4 A, 5A, and 6 A.  It was interesting to see the difference.  Sam would have won or come close to winning the races of the 4 and 5 A schools.  He ended up getting 5th in the 110 hurdles for the big schools.

Our team was winning the whole meet.  We had got a good amount of people into state finals, so we were super excited and hopeful.  We lost in the very last race of the day and ended up getting 2nd.  Second in all of New Mexico for running is not bad. In fact it is very very good!  We had a kid high jump who tied 6 other kids in the nation that had jump the same height- only 7 kids in the entire nation! One of our teams racers went on to sign for BYU track team.  I expect him to do great things.  He was the national 400m winner.  I think we are pretty competitive.  But just as every one knows 2nd stinks.  1st you're the winner, 3rd you are happy you are on the podium, but 2nd?  Blah!  It was so sad to watch! It all was quite an experience and they have one more year to try and win it all- at least with Sam on the team!

So glad Sam chose to do track.  He ended with a 15.3 second PR I believe and a 6 foot high jump.  Not bad for a 5'8 kid!  He also ended up with another Varsity letter and another coaches award!  Way to go buddy!
 Coaches award- hugging Coach Nord

The Varsity Hurdling team