Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial weekend and performances

Memorial weekend was our first weekend without a million things to do. We were so thankful for the rest. Saturday the family went to a movie- I went to work. Sunday we had friends over for dinner. Monday we had an impromptu BBQ at our home with some friends. We were so glad we decided not to have it at a park, too. It started raining hard right in the middle of it. Then the family went to watch a movie and take a walk with our friends- I went to work. Hmm, I see a pattern here. Overall it was a fun weekend with lots of Dalmuti playing (Rob and I stayed out of the greater peon roll, for once!), sleepovers and good food. Rob was not impressed with the lack of attention the holiday was given in church, though.
Last week, Joseph had his Kindergarten performance. They did it at the schools health fair and did two really cute songs. Here is us waiting for it to start. Can you tell it took longer than expected? One of the songs I have been singing in my head since. Have you heard it?
Tony Chestnut knows I love you
Tony knows
Tony knows
Tony Chestnut knows I love you
That's what Tony knows.
You point to different parts of your body as you do it, like this
Toe knee, chest nut (head)
knows (head) eye love(heart) you
Then we sang with them.
Tony, Tony, and his sister Ilene (I lean)
and Ilene loves Neil (Kneel)
and Neil loves Pat
but Pat still loves Bob (Jump up and down).
And there's Russell (rustle) and Skip
this song is silly, but it's hip (shake your hips)Last night the older kids had their piano recital after a baseball game and a soccer game and an 8 mile run by Rob and I. Long day! Both of them did really well. Emma even played one of her songs by memory.
We ended the long day with a quick Happy Birthday to Max. We will do a real birthday next week, since that is not as busy- Roll on Floor Laughing! I had to write that out long hand instead of ROFL, because of how humorous that statement was. Next weekend we have a birthday party on Friday, 2 soccer games Saturday, followed by a soccer party, a farewell party and I have to go to work, again! hmmm.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ash Cake, anyone?

The chickenpox have finally started clearing up. We didn't go to church this week, though, just in case people saw the little pox and still thought Max was contagious- which he wasn't. Joe only had a couple of pox. This was his very last one that had to heal before he could go back to school. It was mostly gone on Friday, so off to school he went- much to his dismay!
Saturday we had to take the kids with us to the stake center where we learned how to cook over a fire and in dutch ovens. We have been asked to be the Ma's and Pa's from our ward (along with one other couple) for the pioneer youth trek in July. This was one of our training days. We were told, no children, but since ours still had chickenpox (Max, did anyway) and they all had to be at various games throughout the day, they came, along with a bunch of videos and the portable DVD player. Three cheers for electronics! They stayed in the truck and watched their videos and made a grand mess, while we learned how to make stew, bake bread in a dutch oven, make yummy scones and butter, and ash cakes- everyone's favorite (not!) Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? One of our friends said, "I'm sure some idiot dropped his bread in the fire, picked it up, brushed it off and ate it and someone wrote it down like a recipe." Rob was quite the rebel the whole time. They could tell they had their hands full with him. For some reason we aren't allowed to bring belts. So while they were talking about going to a blacksmith to get your striker made for your flint to make a fire, Rob says, "while you are going to the blacksmith, I am going to go to the leather tanner and get myself a belt made!" We may have made them reconsider us as good Ma's and Pa's, but they did keep coming over to try our food. We were told by several of the stake leaders how we were the best and most experienced of the bunch and even the teacher commented how our cornmeal was the best. Got to thank Rob's Mom and Dad and Step-Dad for all those great camping trips and his Mom who taught him how to make cornmeal mush! Sorry- I still don't like it- made over a hot fire or in my own kitchen! I foresee a little weight loss on this trek!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wuz up? and Chicken bawk in the house!

What are we up to? Soccer, soccer, baseball, piano, work, work, soccer, soccer, young women's, soccer, baseball, soccer, boy scouts. Life is crazy. At times we don't handle it so well- we start yelling at each other. I decide I have to call in sick just to get some sanity, then I don't. We want to make the kids all quit! One thing I know- they need that run around time. I just wish it wasn't so much my run around time! Summer is our friend. I may not like the constant children in my face and the yelling to get them to do anything other than vegetate on the couch, but we need the down time and the constant playing at the pool as a family time. We have a friend that keeps trying to get us to do swim team in the summer. Swim team would be good to keep them active, give them swimming lessons for cheap and get them lots of experience in the water, but it's also every night and all Saturday! No thanks!!
On the brighter side- we did plant our garden finally! I think the catalope and watermelon both died while they sat there in my sunroom for 2 weeks not being planted, but the tomatoes seem to be OK. If only we can avoid the white fly infestation this year! Any suggestions?
On the worse side- The chicken bawk is in the house! That is Chicken Pox for you lay people. Yes, all my kids had the shot. That is why they only have a mild case, but still I would like to ring the neck of the person that gave it to us, because they obviously don't immunize! I understand there are some reasons not to, but it does inconvenience me, so I am mad right now! Today, I spent Mother's day at home, trying not to be driven insane by my three boys while my husband spoke at church. He came home and gave me the down and dirty 3 minute version. It was not as good. Then he left for Suffolk.
Here's to hoping that all the bawks are out of the house by next week, because we are headed to New York. Any suggestions to help us with our very first New York City stay?