Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our kind of Easter

Ah Easter- the time to color beautiful eggs, get dressed up in your new outfits for church, frolic while hunting carefully hidden eggs, and eat the ears off of unsuspecting chocolate bunnies! Is there anything better- well if only it was a reality!
Our eggs were camouflaged and had pictures of dinosaurs eating Emma or large flowers stepping on Joseph drawn on them. Mine was one of the only normal ones. (I wrapped it in lace before coloring it.)
As for new outfits- I had to shoot just the top halves of them, because they were too silly to stay still and ended up putting grass stains on themselves when they ended up like this! Even Robert ran upstairs and got changed before I could get a picture with him- stinker!
The eggs for the church were not carefully hidden- I know, because I was the supervisor of all those teenagers who were doing the hiding- more like flinging the eggs! And there was very little frolicking, since the eggs were scooped up so fast, there were almost none left, by the time my kids got outside. (despite the fact they were told they could only have 10 a piece!) The kids had fun posing for pictures, anyway! Luckily, we made up for the lack of egg finding, at home. Sunday after a good dinner of ham and potatoes we had a flashlight Easter egg hunt downstairs. It's been raining for days, so outside was a no go. The flashlight egg hunt went over well, though!
Easter morning is always fun when you get to eat straight sugar for breakfast! Rob decided the boys just had to have golf clubs their size so they could hit with him downstairs. They loved that. I also got them Risk, because they had been asking for it. Rob was really happy about that, since he had to spend the morning showing them how to play the game!! Emma got a gift certificate to Claires.
It was a nice Easter, with a great message in the end. We were so busy, with soccer games and my working full-time, that we didn't get much in about Christ. I felt terrible about it. These are the days I am thankful for great teachers at church. Max came home with a drawing of Christ in the sky and told me all about it. Next year we will do better, because although we'll never have the poster Easter experience, I really do want to teach my children what it's really all about!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This week was spent on my behind, listening to boring after more boring information! Remember that Supervisor in the ER that didn't even know who I was when I called her back, well they didn't know that I was going to be in orientation either, even though I signed a paper confirming that I was hired and giving me this date as my orientation date. Yah, this employment is starting out really well. Their orientation is 2 weeks long- 2 days of hospital orientation, 4 days of computer training and the rest in nursing orientation to the hospital. Then I go work 4 weeks full-time orienting to the Emergency room. One week down and I am already exhausted! I can not sit for 8 hours for 5 more days. I just can't do it! Rob said to me- "then stand!" Yes, helpful! Every time they give us a break I go speed walk the halls and find an empty staircase and run up and down the stairs. My back is still killing me, though and I have gained 2 pounds. I don't know how anyone sits all day long and doesn't weigh a million pounds! Besides the full time job, spring soccer is in full swing (both Emma and Max have made goals already this season and are doing well!), I have been called to work with the Laurels in the Young Women's and Emma is doing open gym at the High School for Volleyball. We learned she would not get to try out for both volleyball and soccer because tryouts are on the same day and the same time. We told her to continue as far as she could with both before deciding! I can not believe they are in the same season here! What a bummer! Anyway, that leaves Max watched by very generous friends half the day, Rob behind on his homework, the house a mess and the laundry very wrinkly! At least it's warming up and spring is really starting now!
Here are the last two cards I made- one is a little blurry- sorry!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Conversations with a 5 year old

On Thursday Max was sitting with me when he started this conversation:
"Mom, do you know what's so good about being 5?"
"What?" I asked.
"You don't have to skip?"
"Skip?" I questioned
"Yes, on some Sundays you have to skip eating and I don't. Sometimes you get to eat food, but sometimes you have to skip."
"That's true," I said, wondering where this came from since it was a while since the last Fast Sunday. "What else do you like about being 5?"
"You get to be so cute and you're good at thinking up names."
Being so cute and thinking up names are the bomb, so I totally understand how being 5 is the best! I know I'd rather not skip, as well!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference weekend

Besides watching conference (which I loved!) we actually accomplished somethings as well this weekend. Rob cut the boys hair, he helped them make their pinewood derby cars- (while sanding he cut his finger pretty good, so this is why Joseph is just a little worried about helping with the sanding!!) and we put up the leaves in the boys jungle inspired room. So cute! They are from Ikea. Rob said he wants one over his bed now! He said they makes him feel restful. The boys are loving them!
I made cinnamon rolls and turned a 1/3 of them into orange rolls. Citrus and I are best friends, so I think I ate almost all of those myself! I am pretty sure the weight would show that, too, but I am refusing to step on the scale for the next week or so! Sunday afternoon we also had friends from Virgina who moved here a year before us, up for a bbq. We had so much we invited our neighbors that are in our ward as well. What a great weekend!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Just Chill

I gave the kids rewards of Playstation and Chocolate Chip cookies for cleaning all my floorboards, yesterday! I love it when I can have servants! But I think the servants are getting restless. At least I am! It's still fridged here, so not a whole lot of playing outside. I haven't even set up any playdates, or anything. I am such a looser mom. Today I am thinking of taking them bowling, though. The problem is, anything free is outside. In Virginia we could have gone lots of places for free. Here, everything will cost us at least $50. The grass is always greener, right?
Besides, floorboard cleaning and Playstation, Sam made a house of cards, Emma had her last indoor soccer game where she scored a goal (unfortunately it was on herself!), we played a couple games of Bananagram- or whatever it's called (This was Sam's. I thought it had the most interesting word combinations)
and I made some cards. At the RS birthday in March we put in a bucket something we could do for someone else (some service we could give.) I put in that I could make someone 10 homemade cards. I got dinner. We were brought that dinner (from the just released YW President) on Monday. She is moving in about a week. I felt so bad having her bring dinner. She brought the yummiest rolls ever, chicken lasagna, strawberry salad and a blueberry crisp. So yummy! Can I make 10 more cards and get another dinner, please!!