Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Family update

We sold our home in just one day on the market. Our goods ship the end of this month, but we don't leave until July. It will be an adventure to camp out for 3 months. We have started getting the children ready. We have cut off their TV during the week. It was one of the best things we have ever done. The boys are outside in the beautiful weather riding their bikes and jumping on the trampoline. Emma walks/runs on the treadmill every day now (we had been forcing her to at least 3 times a week for the past couple of weeks to try and get her back into shape. Soccer starts soon and she is huffing and puffing running even 400 meters right now.) Emma wants to be on the treadmill now, because it is the only time she is allowed to watch anything. She takes her father's laptop down and watches a Netflix movie while she is running/walking. Today when I got up and came downstairs, I found Joseph already downstairs reading a book. They play Legos, we have played family game and Rob has practiced fencing with the boys. So much more family time and productive time. I love it!
Joseph wanted to snuggle the other day, so I gave him a brush and had him brush my hair while he snuggled. He was so proud of himself for "making" curls at the end of my hair. He had to show Dad when he came home. Emma has been practicing hair-do's as well.
I straightened my hair the other day and Max said, "Mom, who brushed your hair today?" I told him that I brushed my own hair. He said, "it's beautiful!" So cute!
The other day we were going to get the kids. When we walked outside it was drizzling. Max said, "I can smell like a tiger!" I was confused. He told me that his teacher said it was like a tiger when it started. Then I figured it out. "March comes in like a Lion!"
Emma got Honorable Mention on her Science Fair project.
Samuel is taking Fencing Lessons. He practices with his plastic broadswords at home. All the boys love it.
Emma is taking turns with her friend playing the piano for Young Women's on Sundays. I am so glad that they encouraged her to do it. She has really started to practice and do better with her piano. Sam on the other hand thinks I am torturing him every time I make him go practice. He will love it when the piano gets taken away at the end of this month.


Searls Stuff said...

Are you actually going to "camp" somewhere; or live in an RV? Where are you moving? NO TV ROCKS!!! Reminds me of Germany.

12feetoftrouble said...

We enjoy no TV time during the week too. I can't image how people get anything done with it's constant distraction. Good luck surviving the move.

Anonymous said...

camping out in your own house really brings home how much your don't miss most of your "stuff" and how good you can live with so little. Our home camp-outs between moves were always good times. Mom

Hairstyles said...

Cool new look :)