Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good-bye Soccer- for another season!

It's sad that we spend all this money on soccer and then are glad when it is done or when the games get canceled- which they were a lot this season. We had such a wet spring that the fields seemed to be always closed! Both Emma and Max got so much better this year. They told Emma that she was one of the two people that pulled their team out of the dumps and helped them start winning! Let's hope that proves true when she tries out for the High school soccer team this fall!It doesn't look very coordinated, but she made a big goal right after this!

Their parties ended up being on the same day. Emma's was a pizza party at 6pm that I was going to have to miss because we had Max's last game, but true to the season, it was canceled due to rain! I set up Max's party, because somehow I became the de facto team mom. So I set it up for 7 pm for ice cream only! Yeah baby- pizza then ice cream!! There are advantages when you take charge! These pictures that I have no idea who took are not one of the advantages, though! I hate how my chin slides into my neck! I have got to work on that posture!Sam and Joseph have been practicing football with Dad. Sam starts football this July! Let's hope this 15% for height and 10% for weight guy doesn't get crushed!!


Anonymous said...

Sam has a 100% heart though and that counts the most doesn't it. I hope so. mom

Anonymous said...

sorry about your chin sliding into your neck. signed your dad, your grandma, your great grandpa and the entire English gene pool. The Queen's does too.

Searls Stuff said...

If ONLY my chin was the only thing sliding down! You still have a great smile.