Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am not a crazy obsessive compulsive clean freak.  I am usually one of those "good enough" people and I can turn my back on clutter for a while.  But at certain intervals- and there have been no definitive studies of when or why this happens- my alter-obsessive-clean-freak-ego comes out.  Rob calls it my nesting stage and he loves it when I am in a "nesting stage."  His obsessive-clean-freak-ego is always either surfaced or just barely submerged!  Usually my nesting stage last until the house is cleaned up, the clutter is put away or one closet has been dissected, completely scoured, and rearranged.  This time however, it has lasted more than a day.  I have done the linen closet, our closet, our drawers, (all the socks are now rolled and in color sections, the clothes are in rainbow order with long sleeves first and then short sleeves next, etc.- compulsion rears it's ugly head!) scoured the fridge, completely redone the study, and started on the laundry room.  I bought a sofa table and found a place that will redye my sofa.  Unfortunately, I think my mild mannered-turn-my-eyes-the-other-way ego is resurfacing and I really wanted to redo my downstairs and finish that quilt for Sam!


Anonymous said...

It used to be called fall house cleaning and involved the entire family (hint, hint) however, it never lasted until everything was done. Give in a week then give it a rest. mom

rob said...

sofa table - when and where?? :)


The monkey bunch said...

Ha ha ha haaaaa!