Friday, March 8, 2013

Buck up Little Camper

I hate February!  Can't stand it!  It's the most miserable time of the year.  I hung on this year, but those last 4 days of February took forever.  I finally made it- March!  I thought we were home free and then on the 6th of March- 6 days in, mind you, it snows!

Ah well, it was  pretty

and the kids got a snow day

- which was nice!  I actually don't mind winter, if I can be lazy and sit by a nice roaring fire and read a book and eat fattening food.  Unfortunately, life plods along, except on Snow Days- which is why I love them!  If it's going to be cold and miserable- at least let it snow enough to have a snow day once a week, right?!
During February and March, we did keep busy.  We tried out a couple new recipes.  Max "the Joker!" enjoyed a berry smoothie. 

We had a fabulous night at "My Sister's Closet" put on by the Mia Maids.
This is where the women in the ward donated clothes, jewelry, make-up and body care things and then the Mia maids put it all out to look like a boutique.  They gave each of the girls a cute reusable shopping bag and let them shop in groups.  They had two rooms set up like fitting rooms and a room with treats.  Very well done!

Max got to come,

because Dad was finishing up his 3rd and finally rewrite of his Thesis.  Dad is getting his signatures now- Yeah Dad!
Sam tried to build the biggest snowman ever,

until I told him that the tallest one was over 122 feet!
I made silhouette using photoshop. 

I love on-line tutorials!
We had New Beginnings.  These are all my Laurels!

Now I am practicing with a friend to take better pictures and someone else has agreed to help me learn to make yummy cake!  I also have gotten rid of a whole truck load of stuff and that was just the downstairs.  I still have to do the main level and our bedrooms.
  Luckily, I have moved on from slogging through winter to full on panic mode!  Our unaccompanied baggage guys come in 3 weeks!  Ahhhh!


Anonymous said...

take a deep breathe. keep it simple. and don't panic. Hint: it will get worst but you will get better or more like you will just get to the point you don't care and just want the move over.