Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We are in transition!  All our stuff is gone.  We have given up the house keys and now we are in temporary living until the 20th of May.  Rob leaves tomorrow.  Things are crazy and complicated.  We put 65 miles on the car, already today, running everyone to and from school and Emma still has to take the car to ref a soccer game and we have to pick up Sam from a track meet!  Transitions sure aren't cheap!
Relationships are transitioning as well!  Since Rob is leaving, it's like we are all leaving, at least in the minds of lots of people.  Sam was released as Deacon's quorum advisor.  I was told to just hang out and enjoy, but I am not released- I just don't do anything!  At work, I got tired of everyone asking, "You're still here?  I thought you left."  So I turned in my resignation earlier than I was planning to and just stopped going.  I always hate this disconnect time!
Poor Emma has had high school "friend" drama as well, that will probably change a few relationships.  Oh well, we are in the middle of transition anyway, right?!