Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's Up with Us?

What have we been up to, lately?
  Same as usual in the Fall:



Sam lost his position as slot back because he couldn't practice on Sundays when all the running backs and receivers are suppose to have an extra practice.  He is now on the kick-off team, punt team and corner back or outside linebacker.  He comes home with a lot more bruises than he ever did before!  He has had swollen fingers at least 3 times this season.  I am not happy about this coach!  I told him he has to practice his catching the rest of the year so that he can play receiver or running back in high school.  No more of this defense stuff!  He says he likes defense.  He got three quarterback sacks in the last game so I guess he does a good job, but I'm not happy about it!


Joe decided to do flag football this year.  It may be his last year of sports.  We might try some tennis or golf with him.  He just doesn't seem to like it that much once he gets going.  He always says he wants to and then he never wants to go to practice or anything.

And new for this year- Cross Country!

The volleyball coach decided that Emma was too old and too short for his Junior Varsity team (her skills were exactly where they should have been for the Junior Varsity), so he cut her.  Luckily, she had a friend there that day that encouraged her to join cross country and even brought her over to eat with her cross country friends, so that she could meet them.  In the end, she has stuck with it and we are very proud of her for that!  She wants you to know that she beat that girl that is right in front of her.  This is the second to last turn in the course with only about 300 yards to go to the finish.

It keeps us busy!

I went with Sam on a Field trip to the science museum. 

It was pretty cool.

I took the advice of someone who said, "go on all your kid's field trips while you are here- it helps you get to know the area."  It was fun!  And I don't know if I would have gone to Heilbronn if I hadn't gone on the field trip, but it was a really charming German city!

We helped Max with his rocket ship.

He only lost to the space shuttle which is right above his and to the right.  His is the silver and blue one.

We made up a science experiment that involved cookies- those are the best kind of science experiments.  

We tried out different times of egg substitutes and then had people rate them on taste, appearance, moisture, firmness a couple other things. 

We tried vinegar and baking powder, soda pop, oil, applesauce and bananas. 

The banana chocolate chip cookie was not very good.  The soda pop one tasted fine but just crumbled.  The oil one was really dry.  The others tasted almost the same as the test one.  It was a fun experiment.   His teacher talked to me at the science museum and told me that he is the class leader and elevates the class to a whole new level with his comments and observations.  It's always nice to hear good things about your kids!


Anonymous said...

talented and gifted grandchildren. yes, go on every field trip they let you except for the over night to the black forest. that one is lame.