Sunday, November 17, 2013


Max was star of the week last week and this is his poster all about him:
Green is his favorite color.  He loves the various foods on their, especially mashed potatoes!  His favorite book is Asterix and Obelix.   I love that they love something I loved as a child!  He likes outdoors, winter and Christmas and his family.  He is a sweet boy who will give back rubs and comb mom's hair and give hugs and kisses whenever anyone needs it.  Of course he will also slam his brother to the ground so hard I have to watch for concussions.  He is great at math, but needs a little extra help in reading.   Mostly I think that is because he likes to just guess at words instead of doing all that work to sound them out.  His teacher said that she has never had to move his clip to a different color (other than green- I wonder if that is why green is his favorite color!?)  I told her that she would see some crying if she ever did have to move it.  Max does not like to be wrong!!
Max has lots of friends.  He got extra treats one day from the bus monitor and when I asked him why, he said he helped out by volunteering to sit next to someone that nobody else would sit by.  He talked with the boy too instead of just playing his gameboy or whatever on the way home.  (They have a 45 minute bus ride.)
The other day was the children's program at church and he sang his little heart out.  He sat right next to the teacher and kept tabs on the whole program so he wouldn't miss his part and when it was his part, he got up and said it all without reading, because I told him that I expected him to do that.  Love that kid!


Anonymous said...

I miss some Max. kisses and hugs

Searls Stuff said...

He sure sounds like a sweet kid.