Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fröhlicher Weihnachten!

The German post lost our Christmas cards  this year. 

 I couldn't come up with a creative way to send out a letter anyway, so I decided to go digital.

Rob graduated with a second master's degree. This one was considerably harder and was  

in Nuclear engineering.  

 We moved to Germany. We have traveled or at least gone through England, Belgium, 

Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Austria. (Rob has also been to Italy.)  While we were

 moving Robert's father passed away suddenly (for us.  It may not have been suddenly for 

those who were taking care of him.)  Rob said he didn't need to remember this in the 

Christmas card, because he thinks about it every day.  I decided I couldn't leave it out of this 

one, however.

 Emma is learning what it is like living in a non strong LDS area. She tried out Cross Country 

this year and did a great job, dropping at least a minute from her time, each meet. She took 

my advice and joined the yearbook staff and has learned there are definitely advantages. 

Sam played club football and got to be one of the 8 captains. He did really well and got lots 

of praise from his coaches. He is gearing up for track, finishing up his few merit badges until 

he gets his eagle and is playing outside constantly with a group of great friends. 

Joseph has also found acceptance and lots of friends here. I love that there are so many 

children running around all the time. I love it when they come asking to play with Joe.

 Max is the first of our children to beg to play basketball. I finally gave in, but it was a hard 

decision, since winter is our only season off. He played soccer in the fall and found out what 

it was like to play with those who have been trained in Germany. He is also, always out 

running around with friends. 

I was called to the Relief Society presidency and have been busy doing week day meetings.

 Luckily, I have an amazing assistant.

 There is something always going on around here and if by chance there isn't we can always 

hop over to another country. We feel truly blessed.

 May you be blessed with peace and joy

 this year as well. 

Love the Kress family


Anonymous said...

thank you for the Christmas letter, I are delighted to get it any way you sent it. love you Mom

Searls Stuff said...

There was always something extra special about Christmas in Germany. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.