Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Denmark on the Cheap

Denmark is not cheap!  But we still did it for cheap.  This is the story of how...
  We embarked on our cruise from Copenhagen.  We drove up through the night, spending about 3-4 hours sleeping in a truck sleeping spot and then continuing on in the morning to our boat.  The parking by the boat docks had just recently been redone and so were free at that point.  We stayed in the parking for over 9 days without paying a penny- that doesn't happen in Europe very often.  When we came back we downloaded Rick Steve's Best of Denmark with the ports free wifi and then took his self guided tour backwards half-way and then drove to the end and did it front ways, half-way.  We somehow found free parking there as well, because we didn't have a cent in Danish money!  We only brought dollars for the boat and Euros and credit cards for everything else.  This caused a small issue in Russia, but everywhere else we had zero problems.   We started in Kastellet Park and saw the 
Little Mermaid
Then the Gefion Fountain.  This shows the Goddess Gefion who turned her four sons into oxen to carve out a chunk of Sweden to make the main island of Denmark.  She was given one night to do it in and she accomplished it.  Supposedly Sweden's biggest lake is roughly the same shape as Denmark.

 Frederick V near Amalienborg Palace- I don't believe the Queen was in.
 Although we did see a couple people get yelled at that were too close to the doors.
The Cathedral of our Lady
 Peter with the Keys- each of the 12 apostles carried a symbol that related to them, we didn't understand quite a few of them.  Instead of Judas they had Paul for the 12th- which of course isn't right either!  Poor Matthias.

The Christus that can also be seen reproduced in Salt Lake City Temple Visitors Center.  President David O. McKay was so impressed by this one in Copenhagen that he bought an 11 foot replica.  The original is 10.5 feet tall. 
 Copenhagen University
Rob had to pose with the bust of Niels Bohr.  After getting a degree in Nuclear Engineering he has learned all about this Nobel Prize winner, his Bohr's atom and his help with the atomic bomb.
 Hans Christian Anderson
After we finished the self-guided walk, we found a plate to buy for our growing World Traveler's Table Setting and drove 4 hours across the border and spent the night in Germany.  We filled up  at the last Esso in Germany before coming across on the way up, but we still had to put a couple liters in the tank to make it back across.  As soon as we could we completely filled up again at the next Esso.  We ate lots of snacks that we had brought and waited for dinner across the border.  Our total out of pocket in Denmark was about $100 with the plate- the plate was super expensive!!  But for 6 people, that's not a bad days excursion.  Staying cheap and seeing the world- that's how we roll!


Anonymous said...

you so good at cheap= more money to see more stuff- did you see the ancestor Christensen's place on the German Danish border- Wilhemena Hovinghoff is her name.

Robert Kress said...

I loved the visit and the plates will be fun memories of each place, but you keep using the word cheap. I don't think you know what that word means :). This trip cost us around $10,000 and that is not cheap. You are just a little crazy and I needed to set the record straight. Hugs and loves - and it was well worth it, but it was not cheap.