Thursday, August 28, 2014

High Adventure, Brand new Scout, and a Youth leader

Joseph turned 12 while at scout camp this year. 

(I know my boys just love their birthday's in the summer time!  Never in school to have them make a big deal of it there, everyone always away so no parties and we are almost always away too!)  Rob had to go up with him for the first few days, because he wasn't 12, yet.  He ended up staying and enjoying camp with them.  He stayed on base in Garmisch and then just biked up to the scout camp every day.  Joseph did great.
Sam only has to finish one more merit badge and do his project to complete Eagle, so he went for the high adventure.  Rob ended up splitting his time.  Sometimes he went on the high adventure with Sam- like the  white water rafting

and sometimes he spent it with Joseph, like when they climbed the Hammersbach.

 Emma and I and Max stayed at home.  Rob wanted us to come down, but it rained so much that I was much happier at home.  Rob and the boys had a great time together and now they have all kinds of things they want us to do as a family.
Emma also went to camp this year.  She surprised me when she said she wanted to go.  I did 2 years of camp and did 2 years of certification each year and passed that sucker off and was done.  She went this year as a YCL- Youth Camp Leader.  She enjoyed herself and had fun with the leaders. 
 And the goofy girls who were all obsessed with the other camp across the road with boys! (Peter/Christen)

I went up one day and taught first aid.  We were doing great until one of the girls decided to have a real life emergency in the middle of it all.  Another time that did not endear me to the German medical system.  She fainted, had a small seizure and then after she was awake, she started vomiting.  2 days before she had complained of a headache and then vomited.  She had no head injury before this and did not act sick in any way other than that.  That screams pressure on the brain to me, but maybe I am the idiot here.  They said she was fine, without doing a CT scan and told her mother some things she could do to keep her blood pressure up.  She has had a history of fainting with injuries.  Yah, not the same thing, but who am I, right.  I'm just some nut job nurse from America which has terrible medical care, according to someone.  I am not sure whom.  I read this medical assessment finally, that was talking about how bad our health care was.  When you finally look at the statistics, we are actually awesome at our health care.  The scores are just lowered, because they add into it how much it costs and the availability of it to all.  But I digress...
This year the girls had camp with the German wards in our stake.  The German wards expected the American ward to do most of the work, which was a shock to the American ward and therefore a lot of scrambling went on last minute.  Also there had to be a "coming to Jesus meeting" at some point when the German's were told to back off the American girls.  Culture clashes, I guess.  When I went, I stayed for lunch and we had to run to the kitchen to get the mayo and mustard.  They brought out butter and ketchup for their sandwiches.  Um, Yuck!  Emma said she watched a girl eat a ketchup and jelly sandwich.  Wow!  They also took them up to a lake and the girl's all got an eye full, as most of them still aren't used to the European way of just throwing off your clothes to take a dip or sunbathe.  It was a learning experience for all!


Anonymous said...

So it seems the Germans are still German and the Americans are still Americans and yes it is a cultural clash- proud of your international girl for being so great at handling this social stuff- boys camp looks like a fun learning time- special with Dad along too. grandma