Friday, October 3, 2014

Motherhood ADD

Motherhood ADD- it's real people!  And there should be a public service announcement about it.  I waste tens of dollars a year because of it- possibly hundreds, but let's not get hysterical!   Today was a typical example.  I told my husband I needed to bake cookies and clean today.  I decided to make two types of cookies.  Why?  I have no idea- blame it on the A..D..D.  So I start making one and then right in the middle start cleaning my kitchen.  Well it needed to be cleaned, but while making cookies is probably not the

Whoops, sorry, I just remembered that the boys were invited to a party and had to call and see what time. Now what was I saying...

best time.  After cleaning up the kitchen a little, I finished making the cookies to the point of chilling and then went to start on the next set, except I got distracted by what I was thinking and had to go look up whatever it was on the computer, except when I got to the computer I decided I wanted to turn some music on.  That whole sentence shows I can concentrate even when it comes to English and sentence structure.  After I turned the music on, I had no earthly idea what I was there for, so I just surfed the internet for a little while and it never came back to me, so I went back to cooking.  Again with the run on sentences!  That happened to me two more times during the course of making cookies- not run on sentences.  Computer-interruptess, brain-farc.  I also decided to have lunch somewhere in there.  That batch did not turn out well at all!  So I threw them all in a box for the kids to eat, because no one else is going to and started on the other set.  As I started those one cooking, I remembered that I was supposed to be cleaning.  Clean, look up something on the computer, oh no, cookies, computer, clean, oh no cookies!  Luckily that batch did turn out.  But here's the problem-

Whoops, cookie alarm...

the first batch was the Reese cookies- 24 beautiful reese cut up and baked into cookies are now thrown in a box for children consumption only.  That's expensive kid fodder!   And now I only have snicker doodles to bribe Football coaches with.  Do Football coaches appreciate snicker doodles?  As much as Reese cookies?  Or do I need to go buy new Reese and start again?  My kids' football coach needs some serious bribing and I want to make sure I do it right!

Oh, I could go on and on about the football coach, but that would just make the ADD worse.

I'm telling you, I don't think I am the only one out there.  We need a serious Public Service Announcement!  Avoid Distracted Cooking!  Save your money!  Avoid Distracted Cooking!


Robert Kress said...

My poor A.D.D. wife, and Mother of my children. Oh, what am I to do. :) Hang in there baby and both sets of cookies were great!!