Sunday, January 31, 2016

YW/YM Date Party

In August we organized a dating party.  Dating seems to has gone the way of the dinosaur.  One thing I am trying to teach my boys is to date- for real.  I feel like it is my responsibility as a mother of boys.  My responsibility to the Young Women of this generation that are missing out.  Now dating is done all on line and through texting.  How can you really get to know anyone through texting?  You can say anything you want on a phone or a computer- things you don't even really believe.  It's only by dating that you get to really know people and how they treat others and how they react in all kinds of situations.  When my aunt first went on a date with her now husband, they went skiing.  He tripped and went down and she, coming hard behind him, could not stop and instead skied right over top of his head.  She was sure she would never get a date with him again.  Instead, he called her up the next day to go on another date.  He was impressed with her athleticism, she in his continued confidence and easy forgiveness despite having his head run over.  How can you learn that over a text- you can't!

Also Emma was sad that there wasn't any fun dating going on here.  In Ohio the boys and girls got together and planned fun things, like her first date when they went and did a scavenger hunt at the mall. So we decided to do a group date.  The girls asked this time.  

Each girl pulled a name- except Sara who was having her first date-  got to choose.
First they pulled a category.  Then they had to make a cake sculpture.  Next everyone guessed the category. 

You got a point if you guessed right and a point if someone guessed right on yours.  The minion cake won.

Afterwards they went and played ultimate spoons and card games.  It was a fun time.

We were hoping the boys would reciprocate, but I don't think they have learned that quite yet!  We'll keep working on them!


Robert Kress said...

I had forgotten all the hard work you put in for this one, as well as all the left over cake. :)

Love, Rob