Thursday, September 1, 2016

Chicken Man to the Rescue!

Remember that demijohn I whined about and finally got.  Yep- it broke. 

 So what do you do when your demijohn from Italy breaks?  You go back to Italy and get another one, because it's only 7 hours away.  This time Emma came with me as well as a neighbor and her daughter- she actually drove.  We only hit a couple of pottery stores.  I found a few more dishes to go with the lace pattern ones, so that I could get a complete set.  We also got Emma some cute chicken salt and pepper shakers.  But our main objective was the Chicken man furniture store.  To get furniture? Of course not.  Do you remember why we came in the first place.  The chicken man had lots of these!

Chicken Man to the Rescue!  I bought 3 just to be safe.  I was moving soon, after all!

We also stopped by Verona and saw beautiful things, 

including the ever famous, but definitely fake, Juliet's Balcony. 

Emma bought shorts from the local Italian Fusball club and we got some pretty stones to make into jewelry.

 It was a fun mother-daughter whirlwind trip!
On our way back we stopped at an Austrian McDonald's!