Monday, November 7, 2016

Summer Birthdays Aren't the Same!

My poor boys don't quite get the celebrations that most kids get.  We are either traveling or moving around their birthdays every year.  They say they don't mind- and they do get to do cool things on their birthdays, usually.  It just doesn't involve friends very often!

This year Max turned 11 on our big trip.  That day we saw Arles and the lavender of Provence, 

France.  He did get to choose presents and souvenirs, though!  That's how he got his Neymar shirt in Barcelona the next day!

We went out to dinner for Sam's 17th birthday.  I know- lame.  Sorry buddy!  We will try and do something fun for the big 18!

For Joseph's 14th birthday we were up visiting family- which was nice.  We went just for a quick weekend to pick up our truck and see everyone.  It was a nice visit, but a quick one with lotssssss of driving!

At least we were all together!  And they take it all in good stride. They are the best military brats ever!


Anonymous said...

grandma loves it when she can share a birthday with her handsome grandchildren.

Searls Stuff said...

You're mom looks like she hasn't changed a bit. Great family time photographs!