Monday, September 8, 2008

In a Week...

I have learned...
1. The bus is on time, this year! No five minute leeways.
2. They definitely will not let a kindergartener off the bus without seeing your face.

3. Schools are among the many places now $5-10 dollaring you to death. ("nickle and diming" just doesn't cut it as an expression anymore.)
4. I am a grand choke artist when it comes to bowling. Ok, I already knew that. Everytime I get a strike or a spare, I gutter the ball right afterwards.
5. All about our finances and bills- scary!
We have...
1. Been late and missed the bus once.
2. had to put money on the kids accounts for lunch, because of Joseph getting chocolate milk the first day. The teacher had a card that she just magically got his milk with! Besides, it was useful for days like today, when I have no bread, no fruit and only expired meat.
3. gone bowling and to a movie during a hurricane.

4. skipped church and got a phone call immediately afterwards asking if we were Ok.
5. video conferenced with Rob's sister. Very cool.
6. talked to Hawaii several times.
7. Almost missed getting Joseph from the bus, because the Older kids bus didn't get there when it was suppose to.
I have heard...
1. I don't think I want to go to school today. The teacher said it wouldn't be any fun today.
2. The bus doesn't have any seatbelts. I don't want to ride that bus. It's not safe.
3. Bless Dad as he is away from us for 4 months! said with just that emphasis.
4. I don't want to go to soccer practice today.
5. Where do I go now? (home with Mom) NO, I want to go to school!

6. How was your day- fun. What did you do?- colored a picture. What else did you do? I can't remember.
7. There is no good one liner for saying good-bye, but I hope you know how much I love you by the way I have lived up to this point.

8. where's dad? On the airplane. Oh.
It's been quite the week!


Anonymous said...

a very full week. From the comments I am guessing this is the week Dad-Rob left. Mom