Monday, September 29, 2008

Little baby prayers

Aren't childrens' prayers the best. Today, Joseph thanked Heavenly Father for body skin hair. I wasn't sure if it was suppose to be body skin hair or body, skin, hair. Then he thanked him for his "five senses, which are..." and proceeded to name each one. I love when they don't have any restrictions on what they think is appropriate. Emma's and for that matter my own prayers have been stunted by our age. Emma's always start out with Thank you for this wonderful... Always wonderful. I thought today when she stopped and thought, just before she said wonderful anyway, that I need to teach her some synonyms!
Max is starting to pray all on his own. 3 year old prayers are great, too. He is so eager to pray and gets very upset if he doesn't get to pray all the time. We usually have to have 2 prayers if I ask anyone else. He doesn't start out Heavenly Father, no matter how many times we have tried to teach him. He starts out "tank you Father". So cute. He doesn't really like it when I help, but he does seem to take a long time. If you wait, he gets it all out, even the "name of Jes Christ, Amen" part. Today he prayed that the family would get along and love each other. What a big prayer for such a little guy.
Children can teach us so much. How thankful I am to be a Mom!