Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anniversary puts us over the Hump!

Yeah, we had our 2nd month anniversary and are now over the hump. We have less than 2 months left!
So here is a quick update. Rob is very excited that he has gotten the opportunity to fly in all kinds of aircraft while over in Iraq. This picture is in a blackhawk, which he has parachuted from, but he also got to ride in several other aircraft including an Ospry which changes from a helicopter into an airplane. He says that is quite the ride when it changes. Rob and a coworker all ready to go on a convoy run. He slept in these coffins as they call them- because if the bomb doesn't kill you all the sandbags falling on you surely will- while he was with the Brits on one of the borders. This picture was taken just as they got off the blackhawk. Everyone was really nervous because their security wasn't there and actually no one was. The other aircraft refused to land. Everyone started to get into a defensive stance and this is when Rob decided it would be a good time to take a picture. Turns out they had landed in the wrong place and the other aircraft could see the convoy hurrying as fast as they could to intercept them, so they decided to stay up to provide cover fire if it was needed. Apparentely it is a requirement that you have your weapon at the gym. It sounds a little dangerous to me, exercising with a gun on, but I guess war isn't suppose to be safe! We are making it at home and are very excited that we are on the downhill side, now.


meg said...

It's so good to see Rob in those pictures! They are definately keepers - can show the grandchildren, ya' know? Glad your on the down slide and hopefully time passes faster and faster.

mom keck said...

He is the very model of a modern major. Looking very soldierly. What girl won't want a man in that uniform. Half way there. Mom
ps thanks for helping Cindy get on line.

Princess and A BYU Fan said...

Yippeee! YIPPEE! Time is winding down, that's so awesome. So I think we're doing Thanksgiving alone this year. Any festive ideas to enrich our Thanksgiving for two?

Janiece said...

What great pictures. I went to a Veteran's Day program and cried most of the time...I do not have anyone serving, but my heart is so full of gratitude for those who have and those that are now.
Thank you again for your sacrifice as a family.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man, I love this post. Thanks for keeping Iraq real for us as everyone continues to serve.

I appreciate you all very much....and CONGRATS on the anniversary. Hang on!