Thursday, November 13, 2008


One of the things I have been making lately. This one was for Rob's birthday and he will be getting it soon. Hope he likes it.
It is leaves that I cut out with the letters that spell out Thankful on it tied to Jute. There is also torn fabric, pictures of us in little metal frames and scrolls from each of us telling why we are thankful for Rob. I hope it makes his Thanksgiving and birthday a little more enjoyable. See he has been a little depressed lately. He works from 7 am until 10 pm every day except Sundays where he gets the mornings off to do personal stuff and his coworkers still think he slacks off, because he leaves every day at 10 pm. He sits in front of a computer most days, until his eyes are fuzzy. When he does get to go on convoys or helicopter rides he says there is nothing to see except sand and more sand. Nothing to do, nothing to see, no fun stuff to buy. He sent us this, because he really wanted to be part of our trick or treating and because he felt bad that he hadn't sent us anything from there. When I saw the label of what was in the box, I thought, this has to be code. This can't be what is actually in here, but uh, yep, that was exactly what was in the box. He is too funny! He said he would stand in the lines where the care packages for soldiers come in and just take what looked good. He said that the guys really looked at him funny when he would say things like, "hey, that would be good, give me that Lady speed stick!" He told me he had like 6 more of them in his desk drawer and then he said, "oh man, I just ruined your next surprise!" He makes me laugh and he makes me feel bad, but no one is allowed to pray that he gets more excitement in his life! Got it?!


Princess and A BYU Fan said...

That is so funny! I can't believe he sent Irish Spring and Speed Stick! What a crack up!!! I love your gift to Rob also- great idea.

Anonymous said...

what a guy always thinking of his family. I'll bet the troops have stories to tell about that strange Major Kress. Mom

Rob said...

I always seem to find out what is in my boxes. :) I am in the International Zone today and tonight and therefore, able to check on your blog. It looks like I have to come back on Wed and Thur as well - what a pain. The weather is so nice now, but with this nice weather has come the flies. They are so aggressivce they fly into your eyes and mouth. I don't like the little buggers. I will open my box tomorrow, when I get back but it looks great. Thank you. Something from your hands and heart is exactly what I wanted.

All my love, Rob

Holly said...

The craft is so cute - such a funny gift pack!