Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Good to be Good to your Neighbors

We have a neighbor who is in the Coast guard and works at the White House. This is why we got in to the Easter Egg roll and have taken several trips to see the White House. Last night he took the time to take our family through where less than 0.01% of the American's will ever go- to see the West Wing. We had to wait outside for a little, because they were actually meeting in there, but as soon as they were done and cleared out, we were let in. We got to see the Oval office and the Rose Garden, the Press Briefing room, the Roosevelt room and several other places. We also went over to the Eisenhower building to see the Treaty room- where no treaties were ever signed, but where they kept the treaties with the Indians, the room that they were supposedly negotiating with the Japanese while the the Japanese were actually starting the whole bombing of Pearl Harbor, and where Civil War troops made an impression on the marble flooring as they practiced for Abraham Lincoln's inauguration. We also saw the Hay Adams where the Obama's are staying. It was a fun night. Thanks Seth for a great tour!


Anonymous said...

What an incredible experience. And what a handsome family picture.
I have been reading the blog faithfully since Christmas.
Greg got me a new slim mac lap top for christmas- and I now have internet access more often. Lucky me :)

Anonymous said...

Interestings adventures. It is wonderful to see that you are taking advantage of all the wonderful life experiences you can have while you live in the D C area. Grandma keck

The Lavato Family said...

oh wow wow WOW!!!!!!!!!!! How COOOOL!!!! color me green right now!

The Johnsons said...

I am so jealous. I have been to the white house but just the same old walking tour. That is such an awesome experience that I am sure you will never forget.