Thursday, January 22, 2009

Party On!

Emma turned 12 and I turned a lot more than that and so we had a party for Emma. I decided I had been doing enough with my husband lately, that I didn't need much this year. Ok, as far as presents go, I got plenty- I meant, not much celebrating! Of course with all the calls and friends dropping by with little gifts, I felt like I had celebrated pretty well, too.
Twelve, however, is a big year in our home, so we went all out. We hired our local nail and hair artists- Rebecca and her daughter Alyssa- to come give the girls that were invited a fun make-over. I also made little rice bags with lavender and rosemary in them for all of the girls. I warmed them up for them and put them around their necks as they were getting their nails done.
My SIL gave me a very fun birthday hat and a cuter than cute Birthday banner, along with this pan to make "The Giant Cupcake of Doom". We used these all for the first time for the party. Emma, as you can tell, was not overjoyed about the forced wearing of the birthday hat. The girls ate and swam and stayed up until all hours of the night chatting.
Happy Birthday sweet Emma! Remember, there are such things as sweet teenagers. In fact, my friend and I decided that if you really do stay sweet until you are 16 that you deserve a huge party! {here is me hoping bribery works!}


Princess and A BYU Fan said...

Happy Happy Day! I LOVE the giant cupcake. I think I would only eat one, if I got to choose that one :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, to both of you. I love that the hair is all done up in an age approbriate style. 12 is a big birthday and teen-agers can be sweet in it just mixed in with alot of growning pains that push out in not so sweet ways. I am writing this as my 18year old boy-man is trying to sit on my lap just because he wants mommy attention. Now that is sweet but having to hold his 6'5"body is not so sweet. love Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kress girls, I'm not writting too much because I don't know how to send this, but here's trying again

David Kress

Anonymous said...

okay it worked, so 12 yrs old, congradulations Emma.

Unlce David

Deb, how old 33, 34, 35? I can't remember I just know you are the youngest of us all. Nice blogs really. Still looking forward to seeing you all.