Friday, April 24, 2009

For Inquiring Minds

Rob broke his fibula while running up to meet me at the gym. I had already run for 50 minutes and had jumped in my car to go home. He thought I would leave without seeing him, so he jumped off the curb while raising his arms in a very cute "Hello, I am here" pose and then forgot to look down at where the ground was. Everybody thinks it is very cute that he was trying to impress me after so many years of marriage, but I think that is the way marriage should work. Pretty soon I will be married to him longer than I was single and I will still want to impress him!
He was put only in an air cast, because they said that they only wanted to restrict the side to side movement. He was also given PT. He went to PT the other day and he said, " this is what they said, 'walk on it as soon as you can. oh, you are already? Ok, keep it up.'" He wasn't impressed and probably won't go back.
No he does not wear his air cast, except at night- big turkey! He wears his boots to work and figures that is all the support he needs. He wears it at night, because as we all know, children are attracted to your painful sights and they long to jump upon them!
Yes, he is swollen, black and blue and hobbling, but no he didn't stop working out. He even rode the stationary bike the other day and worked on Sam's baseball with him last night. He is a good Daddy! And apparently he rode his motorcycle to work- Crazy Turkey!


Anonymous said...

Your crazy turkey is the same words my sister Karen uses to describe her hubby Scott. It most be a loving term for wives in love. Mom