Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring break and Redneck Moments

Robert planned a Spring break trip for us this year. I thought he would have to work the entire time, so I hadn't any expectations. Remembering that it is still early spring and the temperatures are definitely lower than last year at this same time, don't be surprised when I thought he was absolutely crazy for planning a camping trip in Pennsylvania! I went along, begrudgingly, but trying to put a happy face on. We ended up only spending Thursday night camping, because it was suppose to pour rain on Friday. Instead, it decided to wait until Saturday- our day we planned to spend at Hershey's park.
Camping actually turned out pretty fun, except for the mating geese right behind us and the very cold night that I couldn't sleep through. Even Robert said, "I wouldn't have wanted it any colder." For Rob, my little heater, that is saying something. I am a naturally cold person and I think the older I get the worse my circulation is getting. Now, just getting in and out of the car and walking to the gym and then back to my house, freezes my hands until they are numb. It takes hours before I get the feeling back in them. The poor people in the ER hate me when I touch them- because the ER isn't cold enough, right? So the cold really was hard on me. Most of the time I was in a long sleeve shirt and had two jackets on top of me and was still cold. We had fun roasting marshmallows, building fires (we kept seeing everyone coming out of the camping office with bags of wood that cost them $5. We had just stopped at a park on the way up and gotten all kinds of wood that was on the ground. Then we picked up the wood all around our campground. There was plenty of it for all the fire we wanted, being early spring and all!),making foil dinners and playing around in nature. Before we left for the camp ground Rob had marked the boys, "in case they got lost."Max thought it was great fun to pull down his pants and show you his mark!Friday night we stayed in a hotel, but still had plenty of food from camping, so we opened the window in the hotel room and had ourselves a little redneck moment!While we were in Pennyslvania we couldn't resist a stop at Hershey's, where we bought entirely too much candy. I kept telling my children that I was sure the Easter bunny had plenty of candy to bring them, but who can resist a fresh Peanut Butter Cup?
After the rain let up on Saturday, we headed to Hershey's park and had a great time. Most of their rides have enough safety features on them that little kids can ride them as well. Joseph got to ride his first big roller coaster! I watched his little face. He had the biggest eyes, but never looked too scared or held on too tight. It was amazing! He was ready to ride it again. I told him the first rollercoaster I ever rode on was with my Aunt Karen- I think she and my brother Karl tricked me into it, because I remember getting to the head of the line and realizing what it was and begging to not go on it. I cried most of the ride, but then immediately wanted to do it again! We even got Max on a rollercoaster. We told him it was a train. Was that terrible? It wasn't that bad, but he didn't want to do it again and when I asked him if he wanted to ride the slow train, he said, "no!" Ok, I know, bad Mom!This ride he is actually having fun on- you just can't tell from the facial expression. That is why I took the picture. It is his concentration face. He is making the bee buzz by pressing a button over and over. He actually really loved this ride!
There were lots more rides we wanted to try, but the Easter Bunny had work to do, I had to get back and do somethings for my last sharing time, and I knew Rob would want to clean up before we had Easter the next day, so after a quick stop to get more treats we headed back home with our belly's full of chocolate! Thanks Dad for a great Spring Break trip, but maybe I should help plan the next one!


12feetoftrouble said...

Sounds like a great adventure. More wacky family memories to enjoy years from now. My first rollercoaster was on my honeymoon. The Texas rattler wooden framed rollercoaster. "may I'll open my eyes the next time"

Anonymous said...

You marked your boys Where? and they had to share. Now that is a redneck moment. You can take the man out of Idaho but you can't take the Idaho out of the man. I married an Idaho fellow myself they make super dad who keep their kids safe and their women warm. Mom