Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial weekend and performances

Memorial weekend was our first weekend without a million things to do. We were so thankful for the rest. Saturday the family went to a movie- I went to work. Sunday we had friends over for dinner. Monday we had an impromptu BBQ at our home with some friends. We were so glad we decided not to have it at a park, too. It started raining hard right in the middle of it. Then the family went to watch a movie and take a walk with our friends- I went to work. Hmm, I see a pattern here. Overall it was a fun weekend with lots of Dalmuti playing (Rob and I stayed out of the greater peon roll, for once!), sleepovers and good food. Rob was not impressed with the lack of attention the holiday was given in church, though.
Last week, Joseph had his Kindergarten performance. They did it at the schools health fair and did two really cute songs. Here is us waiting for it to start. Can you tell it took longer than expected? One of the songs I have been singing in my head since. Have you heard it?
Tony Chestnut knows I love you
Tony knows
Tony knows
Tony Chestnut knows I love you
That's what Tony knows.
You point to different parts of your body as you do it, like this
Toe knee, chest nut (head)
knows (head) eye love(heart) you
Then we sang with them.
Tony, Tony, and his sister Ilene (I lean)
and Ilene loves Neil (Kneel)
and Neil loves Pat
but Pat still loves Bob (Jump up and down).
And there's Russell (rustle) and Skip
this song is silly, but it's hip (shake your hips)Last night the older kids had their piano recital after a baseball game and a soccer game and an 8 mile run by Rob and I. Long day! Both of them did really well. Emma even played one of her songs by memory.
We ended the long day with a quick Happy Birthday to Max. We will do a real birthday next week, since that is not as busy- Roll on Floor Laughing! I had to write that out long hand instead of ROFL, because of how humorous that statement was. Next weekend we have a birthday party on Friday, 2 soccer games Saturday, followed by a soccer party, a farewell party and I have to go to work, again! hmmm.


Anonymous said...

I want to know if ALL family members wear that Birthday hat when it is there Birthday. Max is so sweet spend his special day doing all the other family members "thing" Happy birthday big 4 year old love you Grandma and Grandpa Keck


Anonymous said...

Greetings from The Learning Station!

I wanted to share with you that the song you have posted above, Tony Chestnut, is by children's recording artists, The Learning Station ( It is from the CD, Tony Chestnut & Fun Time Action Songs. This release is presently a #1 international favorite and is a HIT with ALL ages.

rob said...

The above note from the "Learning Station" just goes to show that your blog is being monitored by all kinds of stations. Just wanted to point that out. I wonder what kind of stations hit on your last blog of "bikini wax" :)

PS I have to go back to work now. :)

Love from Panama!!