Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wuz up? and Chicken bawk in the house!

What are we up to? Soccer, soccer, baseball, piano, work, work, soccer, soccer, young women's, soccer, baseball, soccer, boy scouts. Life is crazy. At times we don't handle it so well- we start yelling at each other. I decide I have to call in sick just to get some sanity, then I don't. We want to make the kids all quit! One thing I know- they need that run around time. I just wish it wasn't so much my run around time! Summer is our friend. I may not like the constant children in my face and the yelling to get them to do anything other than vegetate on the couch, but we need the down time and the constant playing at the pool as a family time. We have a friend that keeps trying to get us to do swim team in the summer. Swim team would be good to keep them active, give them swimming lessons for cheap and get them lots of experience in the water, but it's also every night and all Saturday! No thanks!!
On the brighter side- we did plant our garden finally! I think the catalope and watermelon both died while they sat there in my sunroom for 2 weeks not being planted, but the tomatoes seem to be OK. If only we can avoid the white fly infestation this year! Any suggestions?
On the worse side- The chicken bawk is in the house! That is Chicken Pox for you lay people. Yes, all my kids had the shot. That is why they only have a mild case, but still I would like to ring the neck of the person that gave it to us, because they obviously don't immunize! I understand there are some reasons not to, but it does inconvenience me, so I am mad right now! Today, I spent Mother's day at home, trying not to be driven insane by my three boys while my husband spoke at church. He came home and gave me the down and dirty 3 minute version. It was not as good. Then he left for Suffolk.
Here's to hoping that all the bawks are out of the house by next week, because we are headed to New York. Any suggestions to help us with our very first New York City stay?


Anonymous said...

Having never been to New York city we have not advice but if the other kids get the pox you won't be going either. Sorry that's motherhood. Mom

Morgan Kelly said...

Finding a perfect balance of activity, leisure, work, rest, family time, me time, mom and dad time is a never ending balancing act.

When you find what you think is the perfect balance, something changes and it starts all over again.

Sometimes, you can overbalance and hey, you might underbalance too.

I've always said, do the best you can, your kids will see that you are trying and in the end, they'll remember that more than the trophies and teams and all the sports..

12feetoftrouble said...

Rick was the guest at plenty of Chicken pox parties but never got them. Finally the Air Force gave him the shots. Who ever had chicken pox must have had quite a virulant strain, Do you need to report this to the CDC or someone? I think its me time on that trip. You shop while Rob does something with the kids.

Brittany Crane said...

My advice for the NYC trip is to take the tour buses. I believe it costs about $50 dollars and you can hop on and off where ever you want. You can sit on top and see everything. It's not possible to see everything if you DON'T take the bus. Defiantly worth the money. DO IT!!!!!

Have so much fun. I'm super jealous!

p.s. sorry the kids had the Chicken Pox. Big bummer!

Keck said...

New York City well missy don't you think that a little too big for your britches!!

Focus on the area that is most important to your family and spend a lot of time in that area. Then plan another trip for another area and another. If you try and see it all in one trip you won't really experience anything.
Just one bit of advice don't go to the statue of liberty. If you go don't say I didn't warn you. A whole lot of waiting and money for a view that's not much better than the one at Battery Park.