Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My idea of Halloween

To me, Halloween is all about fantasy- not scary, gory, etc. This Halloween I wanted my boys to all match. I thought of the three musketeers. They didn't like that idea at all because "we don't want those kind of swords!" I guess "those kind of swords" are not cool at all. So instead they became three knights. This is the costume I came up with. I love sweatsuit costumes. They make for easy costumes that are also warm enough when we go out trick-0r-treating. My sewing teacher from Colorado would be proud. I came up with the idea on my own, used t-shirts for the pattern and even remember to include a yolk.
Emma decided early that she wanted to be a candy corn. I bought an orange shirt, went through an entire can of white spray paint to change her black witches hat to white and then still had to use acrylic paint to even make it look white, and made a yellow skirt. She looked like a colorful witch instead, but she was OK with that. I didn't get a picture of her the night of the Ward Halloween party, because my batteries in my camera went dead. Picture to follow soon!
For this year, we did our trunk or treat inside- which was a good thing, since it was raining outside. People signed up to decorate a room and hand out candy there. Only 11 people signed up to decorate, but more handed out candy at other places. We signed up for a room. Again, I don't believe in scary Halloweens and I had to run to work as soon as I could get away from the party, which meant I came as a nurse, which meant our room had to reflect that. So I came up with the Doctor Doolittle room. I had all kinds of stuffed animals bandaged up and a bunch of my nursing stuff out. Mr. Bones held the candy for me. We found him at JoAnne's for 60% off. We didn't win the best room prize at the end, but they made another category, because they said mine was the most creative and they just had to give us a prize! Everyone elses was either scary or fall time themed.
I was very late for work and work was crazy! I had to send out a child who had a bleed in his brain and I had to help intubate my violent drunk guy so we could stitch up his face! There was a 7 hour wait in the lobby, but we had a good time. I love the night crew that I work with!


12feetoftrouble said...

Your Halloween started early. I've only got my costume semi finished so far but luckily we have a box of dress up clothes.