Thursday, October 29, 2009

The next RS president

A new lady has moved into our ward and promptly encouraged a bunch of us to do all kinds of random acts of service. She got us all together and taught us to crochet hats. These are the two I did- I am not as fast as some of the other crochet demons. She gave them all to the homeless shelter. But now my kids want me to do ones for them. She also rounded a bunch of people up to go to the nursing home and give out cards and have the kids visit in their costumes. We didn't end up going to that, because of our schedule (crazy!). Can anyone say, next RS President?


Stacey said...

Yes, she is amazing to inspire all of us to do service! No worries...I'm slow too and also only made two! :)

Anonymous said...

Next humanitarian aid leader. The church has a number of kits, pattern etc to donate. You don't need to ship just take to local DI or bishop's storehouse. Our ward meets every Wednesday to produce humanitarian items. Mom