Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teacher's Appreciation Week

I never quite get it together in time to do the one a day thing that they tell you to do. We got a letter sent home that tells you what to do each day- Flowers, note, treat, support the luncheon, etc. So finally I bought some stuff and we did it all in one. Here is our Flower, note, treat all in one day. Aren't they cute! Those are cute thumb tacks I found at Office Depot making up the bud part, a binder clip for a leaf and colored pencils that are sharpened on both sides for the stem. If I had my scrapbooking stuff, they would have looked even better. I could have painted the little Styrofoam balls instead of coloring them with marker (that got all over my hands) and I could have secured them with hot glue. And then I would have cut out a really cute leaf to go on the binder clip.

The treat was dirty white trash. I love that stuff! I don't put the peanuts in it and I melt some chocolate chips and drizzle that over the whole thing to make it dirty! I ate half of it yesterday, so I made sure all of the rest went with the teachers today. I have no self control!

Max wanted to make one too. His turned out to just be an alien guy!


Anonymous said...

So you actually get a memo about what to send to the teacher for appreciation week. Never did that. Cute idea. Like the alien guy too.

Searls Stuff said...

I think the school-sending-a-suggestion-note thing was tacky. However, your gifts are practical, thoughtful, and creative. Lucky teachers!

The Johnsons said...

debbie you are so creative. Where did you get this idea?