Monday, May 17, 2010

Playing Hooky

We have continued our Sunday Adventure Days when we can. We are trying to check things off the list now that we haven't seen yet. This time we decided to go see the United States Botanical Gardens. Joseph was very excited, because for school he had just read a book all about killer plants and we got to see some. These are pitcher plants and they drown bugs and then digest them at their roots. By the time we were done walking the catwalk in the jungle and learning about pineapple and potatoes and visiting all the beautiful flowers Washington University's graduation (where Mrs. Obama gave the Keynote address) that was on the National Mall had just concluded. There was people everywhere and no hope of getting home in time to get cleaned up and ready for church, so we played hooky. We went to the Air and Space Museum playing around with the heat sensor. Look how hot headed those children are. And then look at how blue I am. I told you that I was always cold and there is proof!
a picture of the exact calculator Rob owns from college- now that will make you feel old!
and took more alphabet pictures and jumped pillars and went through one of the statue gardens. A cool family photo op!
I just hope we didn't miss Zion.


Anonymous said...

love the reflective picture of the family. You are becoming an excellent photographer. The city of Zion did not make it our church last week however. Maybe next week Mom

Searls Stuff said...

This wasn't playing hooky. This was a quality learning experience. Looks like a great time was had by all.