Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Advent

Every year my Mother sends us a chocolate advent calendar. The kids love this tradition! We also own a little wooden tree where we put up a heart with the number of that day on it, until it gets to 25- Christmas! Yeah! The one advent that we have just started since I sent one to Rob in Iraq two years ago is the mitten advent. Inside the mittens are all kinds of things to do as a family. We have gone to the Ward Christmas party, done a service (which was Mom writing and directing the Relief Society Christmas play and Emma being a shepherdess and serving dinner to the ladies), we have decorated for Christmas and yesterday we addressed Christmas cards. I printed out the letter, Emma folded them, Sam stuffed them into the envelopes that Dad was printing out, and Joe and Max fought for who got to stamp them. All the while Christmas music was playing and the kids were playing that game where you try to put the shapes in before the timer goes off and they all pop up. It was just a little crazy! When Joseph decided to tinker on the piano too, that's when I said, "Enough!" One thing had to give and the piano was it last night.
Tonight we were suppose to make a special treat, but none of us are up for a treat, so we are substituting "watch a holiday movie!" Hope you are enjoying the magic of the Christmas season as well!


Holly said...

I so love the mitten advent idea!!!!! Happy Holidays to you all :)