Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

We did our annual Christmas light viewing tonight. This is the house we picked for our winner this year. They actually live in another subdivision from us, but just through the trees. We can see their blue lighted trees from our house. We picked them because we loved the blue lit trees and because they did all those lights by hand- no blow ups, lighted displays, etc. Coming in a close second was a house that had a manger scene outside with a pole that they stuck a star on with lights streaming down from it. It was really hard to choose. The families are always a little wary of people ringing their doorbell at night, but they always warm right up when we tell them they won our annual prize! As always, the annual prize was chocolate.
Last night we went to a family's home in our ward to see their Christmas village. They do an amazing job! They build the table to suit and change it ever year. They spray paint little rocks and line the streets. They have trees and spotlights and all kind of fun things. They have a bunch of Santas throughout the village and you have to count how many there are. What a fun family!
We wrapped all our presents today and baked up a storm and cleaned the house. Tomorrow I will get Christmas dinner ready and then we are completely ready to relax and enjoy the rest of our Christmas holidays. Time to go read a Christmas story to the children.
PS did I tell you that we are babysitting a dog for Christmas? His name is Malo and he's a toy Schnauzer. He loves Emma best. He chases the boys. He won't bark at Rob and he likes me second best.


The Johnsons said...

My mom has a similar village at christmas time and guess what we are dogsitting as well over the Holidays, in fact Ron has fallen in love with the dog and that is huge!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The dog liked me second best first. Emma was always best though. He understood right away who was alpha made at your house though. Smart dog. Mom