Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three down, One to go...

School started! This year we have 4 different schedule to keep. We did fine yesterday, because we only had to do 2 of the 4, but today with 3 of the 4, I got a little distracted and almost missed one of them. I had to send him out with an egg, cheese and sausage sandwich (homemade) to eat on the way to school. Which means he didn't brush his teeth! Super Yuck! I have to go to school to get Max tested for Kindergarten today, so maybe I will be nice to the teacher and bring Joseph in one of those disposable ones!
Because of our 4 different schedules we have instituted some new rules. We will pack everything in our lunch that we can the night before- not sandwiches, because then you get soggy bread and that's Super Yuck! Also each of the kids got a hanging basket (except Emma who got hangers that have cute duct tape wound around them to make them special) to put their clothes in for the week. On Sunday we go through and fill the baskets up for the next week. I haven't labeled them, because I will let them pick out whichever one they want to wear that day, but at least they have outfits and easy access. This helps with the- "I don't have anything to wear" or "I can't decide what to wear" morning slow down.
Yesterday, being the first day of school of a new month was Cookie Day! The bus goes wild on Cookie day!! This time we did chocolate covered Oreo pops. I learned after many disaster that you really need double stuff to make them work- the Popsicle sticks are just too big for the regular! Do you know how many disasters I had to eat before I learned this? Made me sick! You could also use a craft stick instead of a Popsicle stick and then you wouldn't have to use double stuff. They are real easy-as long as you are using the right stuff, otherwise there is a big chocolate mess over everything. You just put a little melted chocolate on the inside of half of an Oreo, put a stick in it and put the top back on. I learned to put them in the refrigerator after that to let them set faster. Then you dip them. I used Styrofoam balls to stick them in to after dipping to let them set. Later I decorated them with melted candy melts that I put in a baggy and snipped the end off of. Besides the chocolate mess and the thinner cookies still coming apart, it turned out really well. I didn't get a picture of the double stuff ones. Those ones were so much easier and prettier! Here's to another great year of learning!


Anonymous said...

so we are still doing cookie day? the kids on that bus love you. those cookie pops look so good and messy. Talented lady. love you all grandma keck

Searls Stuff said...

Seriously! You need to move to Ft. Hood before your little guy is in second grade. I would LOVE to have a student with a parent like you!!