Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BYU-I Education Week

I flew out last week to go with my mom to BYU-I education week. It was suppose to be a girls weekend, but no one else wanted to go. I definitely think they missed out! It was amazing (to use Emma's favorite word!) The first day we were in a dump of a hotel, but we were able to get a suite at a Marriott for the next 2 nights. It was the funkiest hotel- all in shades of aqua and orange with beads hanging down from the ceiling and lava lamp looking vases. I can't believe I didn't take pictures! The bed was super comfy!
We ate out, watch shows, talked, laughed, went to a farmer's market ate fudge and attended the conference. Our favorite was Victor Ludlow. Mom also loved Max Goldstein who is a Jewish gentleman that converted. There were classes from "don't stress out, no one's perfect" (which we avoided), to deep Hebrew interpretation of parts of the bible, to canning, to saving money shopping, to helping your child achieve scholastically. I've got pages of great notes! I seem to have forgotten to take any picture except for of the garden we kept passing through, though- so enjoy! It was beautiful! BYU-I has definitely changed from it's Rick's college days!
While I was still out in Utah, Cindy and Rick and their children came downBethany setting the table with cut flowers from Mom's backyard and Karl and Terrie and their family came up. We also celebrated Dad's birthday! It was a great mini-family reunion. I hope we can do it again! Nate helping Grandpa practice his piano.


Searls Stuff said...

I have always wanted to attend one of those! It sounds like such a wonderful experience. Your family looks great! I bet they loved having you for a visit.

Anonymous said...

thank you for joining me for that special time. Yes, we are planning to go again next year. We would encourage other family members to seriously consider attending. It was wonderful. I learned a lot and had the best company. Mom

Anonymous said...

Cool. I enjoy your posts and stuff. Are you active, and / or do any more because this seems to be 2011 stuff. Thanks!