Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Announcement

So, the big announcement is that we are moving to Stuttgart, Germany in 2013, for anyone who hasn't heard.  

We are excited!  We are also a little overwhelmed.  Although I have lived most of my life in Germany, I never really had to do any of the moving.  I just kept out of the way and stayed up way past the time I wanted to go to bed to get myself accustomed to the new time.  We are already thinking of what to do with the  baby grand piano, the 2 motorcycles, the truck, all the food storage.  We have already been told we have to live on the economy, so now Rob is really worried about our language deficit.  We were lucky- we had my father who was a fluent German speaker to hash out all the details and work with the Landlords.

 So, we're dusting off the old Rosette stone and putting up 3x5 cards all over the house.  I figure it will help the little one learn to read better anyway!
Besides this, I have decided I have to get a decent wardrobe before I go over there, because let's face it, German styles aren't really all that and the BX almost always stinks!  I was looking on line and some air force wife was going on and on about how bad everything was and then said something like, the Army never puts in the money that the Air Force and the Navy do to their facilities.  Well, duh!  That's because the Army doesn't get nearly the money the Air Force and Navy do to try and keep their people.  We all know that!  Although with all the forced draw downs the Air Force has had lately, I'm thinking some of that money should start going to the Army!  Anyway, it's shopping time!!!
The two biggest problems I have are,
1.  I have to find a way to keep my license without working for three years- or can I possibly get a job in their clinic?
2.  Where will we visit first?  So many places, so little time!!


Searls Stuff said...

That is wonderful! There are so many memorable experiences just waiting for you family. Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

don't worry about finds a place to live. if the landlords are renting to americans they speak good English and know your housing allowance and details. First visit your growing up home.

Cover the Day said...

You can expect a visit from Brixton while in Germany.