Friday, November 11, 2011

My day in Spanish

Emma had me take pictures of my day for a Spanish 2 project.  (Yes, we do realize that she is now taking the exact wrong language, but she will be in Germany for 2 years, but in the United States with tons of Spanish speakers the rest of her life.  I think we still helped her choose well.)
My day starts before 5:55 am- I just took those 15 minutes to find the camera.

ella despierta.
Then there is breakfast making- usually different for Emma than for the boys.  Emma doesn't eat the homemade pancakes and waffles that the boys will.  So I make her quick stuff that she can eat in the car on the way to seminary.
ella come desayuna.
And there is lunch box packing.
ella paquetes de comida.
I check my emails and Facebook and blog the 15 minutes I have after sending her off until I get the next set of children up and start the process over again.  And sometimes I finish while I am waiting for the last one to start his day.
ella ver computador.
Then there is no picture of me exercising, but usually this is when I go.
Then there are the invariable errands- shopping and library and whatever.
ella corre como un pollo con su cabeza cortada.
Eating yummy lunches-
Ella come almorzar.
most days with Max who always wants something different than I do.
Mondays I quilt, Thursdays I volunteer in Max's Kindergarten class, Friday I scrapbbook.  I didn't get a picture of any of that.
The kids get home and there is the homework help
Ella lee
and the reading
Ella prepara la cena.
and the dinner prep
and the running everyone everywhere time- cub scouts, soccer, football, etc.
Then somedays I get ready for work,
Ella prepara para el trabajo.
 including putting on makeup-
Se maquilla.
which I don't do much of, except when I go to work or to church. On Wednesdays it is get ready for Young Women's.
Work- always a different day and a different time.  No consistency- but that's how I like it!
Finally, after washing my face
Ella se lava la cara
and brushing my teeth,
Ella se cepilla los dientes.
 I fall into bed- this day at midnight- to snuggle with my convict hair-cut husband.
Ella se acuesta.
 He says, "why do I look like a convict and not a soldier."  Well, maybe he looks like a new recruit, but certainly not a Lt. Col. like he is!  And worse yet- he paid for that haircut.  He said he even tipped the guy!  Ah, the things we do to not make waves!
So that's my day in Spanish minus all the little things like laundry, ironing, cleaning, kisses, hugs, prayers, etc.  It's a busy life, but that's the way we like it!


Anonymous said...

busy day. Rob looks like a high and tight by the book yes sir leader of troops. Isn't that what he suppose to look like? We know he is a sweet marshmellow kind of guy but the hair cut has to impress the men.