Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Bundting

I don't know what happened this year- seriously!  I'm busy, but just at normal levels of " Spring busy."  I just never got out the decorations for Easter or did a reading with the children or got the Easter eggs dyed.  Easter Eve we went downstair, after tucking the children all into bed, and had to find the Easter baskets to fill.  I had bought candy and new Sunday outfits, at least!

The sacrificial bunny!  Everyone gets a Cadbury Chocolate bunny in their baskets and we eat them one at a time, cut into pieces.  Those things are over 800 calories a piece!
Rob stopped getting new clothes, because he is extremely picky and he refuses to shop.  I can not, for the life of me, get that man out of his 80's and early 90's clothes.  Therefore, I ignored him when I shopped. 

Trying to get a picture of all the new Easter outfits was not an easy job, either. 

Now that Sam is a deacon, his clothing are boring beyond belief.  He got a new tie, another white shirt and pair of Khakis.

He was not impressed.  He never has been- with Sunday clothes.  When he was little he used to spit on them and tell me they were too wet to wear.  He tried everything to get out of those clothes.  Now he just takes them off as soon as possible.  
Emma's dress I had to find on line. 

You just can't find a decent Junior's dress out there.  You can't find a decent Women's dress out there any more either.  It's like the whole world decided that dresses were stupid and they were no longer going to wear them.  I don't mind wearing skirts and blouses, but I like dresses every now and again.  Emma's dress is from Down East Basics, mine from Shabby Apple.
That is a really bad picture, but Rob would only take one!
 Both of them are Utah based companies.  
We had a quick bite of chocolate early in the morning and then headed to church.

I enjoyed Sacrament meeting, but in Young Women's they did a lot on the death of the Savior.  You should have heard the song that was performed at the end.  It was morbid!  They lightly touched on the suffering in the garden, but never mentioned the Resurrection.  It left me... not happy.  I mean there is a reason we don't wear crosses like our other Christian brothers and sisters!  We believe that the most important parts were the sacrifice in the garden and the Resurrection.  True, he couldn't have been resurrected if he didn't give up his life.  Anyway, I just feel like it ends up being a let's make everyone cry session instead of a let's wonder about the condescension of God and his miraculous gift to each of us lesson- which makes me dread Easter more often than not.
After we got home, we made the dinner (yep didn't even make rolls before hand, this year!) and everyone colored an egg. 

After dinner, we decided we needed some fun, though, so we called a couple friends to come over and we did a flashlight Easter Egg hunt. 

We staggered the start, so that the little kids got to go out ahead.  We went from youngest to oldest and made them wait 15-20 seconds between each- Ok, by the time we got to Samuel, we really didn't make them wait that long, because Sam is super speedy!  Look what we found while we were hiding eggs

- a real nest with robin eggs!

They looked so fake!
I couldn't remember what we traditionally had for dessert on Easter.  Is there even an Easter dessert tradition?  I don't know.  So we decided to make one.  Behold- Easter cake! 

It is strawberry bundt cake with lemon icing and strawberries all around it.  It was yummy!
I think everyone had a great time- we just didn't get rid of enough chocolate.  Next time, we need more friends!


Anonymous said...

the stuff in the baskets was always the desert at our house. That was enough sweets. This year it was one small bunny and one pez. Tim says I am getting lame about treats/ mpm

Searls Stuff said...

The background for you Easter pics is so beautiful. Love the flowers and the iron fence. Your surgical approach to eating chocolate bunnies cracked me up.