Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This one has no Pictures

Subtitled:  Soccer Mom extraordinaire- Not! 
Subtitled:  I hate the Cold!

Saturday was a divide and conquer kind of day.  Emma had a soccer tournament in Columbus, and we had two other soccer games here.  I stayed home and Rob went to Columbus with Emma.  It was a cold, drizzly, wet, windy day.  It was miserable.  Emma played 2 games, the last one starting at 6 pm.  They were chilled to the bone when they got home.
Me, uh, I hate the cold- remember?  I sent my children out to play and stayed in the car where it was warm!  Yes, I did feel a little guilty.  With Max's game, I would run out of the car and stand at the side lines and give him thumbs up, especially the couple of times he scored goals.  I would stand there freezing and watching until I was sure he was completely distracted and then I would run back to the car.  With Samuel's game, I didn't even pretend.  I parked my car where I could see everything and didn't set foot outside of it!  Hence, the no pictures, thing.  I am hanging my head in shame, in my mind.
We all started the day off in the cold wet drizzle.  Robert decided the whole family was going to do an APFT (army physical fitness test) and nothing was going to persuade him otherwise.   We did sit ups, push ups and a 2 mile run.  I am happy to report that I passed!  Everyone did better than we thought they would- except Emma who refused to try.  She did one push up and 5 sit ups and ran with Max for the 2 mile.  I stayed with Joseph.   Joseph surprised us all by running the entire 2 miles!  He was awesome!  Samuel surpassed all our expectations.  At 12 years old that boy beat his Dad in the 2 mile run!  I thought Rob was sandbagging it, until he told me that he had run the 2 miles in 15 minutes and Sam had still beaten him!  Sam also got 79 sit-ups (1 less than Rob) and 50 push-ups.  Wow!  Max went an entire mile!  I have to admit that I wasn't real thrilled about the start to that day, until we were at the turn around for the mile run and Joseph was still running and Sam was staying with Rob and little Max was trotting along as hard as he could holding onto Emma's hand for support (that was the cutest picture!  I took a mental one!)  What great family time!  Thanks, Robert for making us do that together before we split up for the rest of the day.
Besides the APFT and the two soccer games, we had two birthday parties.  By the end of the day, I was smoked- no more of those kind of Saturday's- Ok?


Anonymous said...

so you have discovered the secret to my years of soccer game watching. warm in the car. Just be sure you park were you can see when the game it almost over so you can take the warm blanket to your player and cheer them off the field.